Thursday, March 02, 2017

Steve Stuart, Riviera 1961

GDB readers seem to really enjoy seeing the non-theme park photos from Nanook, aka Steve Stuart! Maybe we all want to vicariously find ourselves in places like sunny Palm Springs, circa 1961. Take it away, Steve....


Look – it’s a young Greg Louganis, about to dive into the cool waters of the Rivera Hotel pool in Palm Springs.  (Yeah – as if-!)  I see the diving board [and undoubtedly the pool] was constructed by Paddock Pools, one of three stalwarts of the custom swimming pool biz in So. Cal. back in the 1950’s & 1960’s.  The others were Blue Haven and Anthony Pools.  And oddly-enough, all three are still building pools and spas to this day.  Who knew-?  And I see I’m sporting a ‘water-proof’ watch of some sort.  Well, one can only hope.

Here’s a shot of my folks at that same hotel pool.  My mom has removed her straps.  (Please, gals – avoid those ‘nasty tan lines’ at all costs-!)   Once again it seems as if our family was a trend-setter, as the Rivera Hotel is still alive and kicking lo these many years later. Now, all tricked-out in ‘hipster-chic’ decor, (oh – I’m sorry, make that ‘bohemian cool’, according to their web site).  Originally designed in 1959 by architect Irwin Schuman to replicate Las Vegas Hotels such as The Stardust, Flamingo, and the Sands.  In an homage to Morris Lapidus (famed for the design of the Fontainebleau and Eden Roc Hotels of Miami Beach), I could swear it also sported a “stairway to nowhere” in their lobby.  But it was a long time ago.  

In a change of swim trunks – and judging from those earlier shots at The Howard Manor, I had quite the swimsuit wardrobe for many years – I’m standing next to our 1960 Ford Thunderbird - in lovely ‘Diamond Blue’.  The convertible behind me is a 1960 Buick.  Farther to the right is a two-toned 1954 Cadillac.  And at the far right, is a white 1958-1960 Lincoln – perhaps a Continental.  I haven’t the foggiest idea what that rather large building might be we see in the background.  Looks like it could be a bowling alley and coffee shop-?  

And finally, my mom sporting her ‘strapless tan’.  At her feet is a wicker purse, from Mexico City – where my grandparents were living at the time – which she often brought along to sporty occasions, such as swimming pools or the beach.

Ah, those golden days! Many thanks as usual to Steve for sharing these fun family photos. Stay tuned for more!


TokyoMagic! said...

Looks like a nice relaxing vacation. Did Rock Hudson stop by the pool to chat and did your mom accidentally call him Mr. Candy? Seriously though, did your family ever see any celebrities when you were in Palm Springs?

Thank you for continuing to share your family photos with us, Steve!

Debbie V. said...

This brings back the smell of Sea and Ski to me - you were lucky to have such cool parents. We were all quite brave back then. Love the purse in that second picture - not sure it's the same as in the last. Thanks for sharing :)

DrGoat said...

Great pics Steve. Wouldn't mind having that T-Bird to cruise around in today!

Unknown said...

Well I enjoy these photos because I want to enjoy Steve Stuart's Bohemian Chic lifestyle with his legendary car ID skills and a fabulous life and not be the miserable failure that I am. Whoops, too much information there? Well, of course you need an ensemble of swimming trunks so that the wet ones (forever trying to dry out in the Hotel room's shower)have a sporting chance to be donned again without the willies you get when you try to put on moist trunks@ Eeeww...

Anybody up for some flapjacks and a couple of lines of early morning bowling across the way? "Too early for flapjacks?" Well the pleasant dry heat of the Mojave is always a treat while we wait.

Definitely a paster-blaster thinking about Anthony and Blue Haven Pools and the great decade-long campaign with my Dad to put in a pool. How much could it cost?

K. Martinez said...

Greg Louganis is the man! The first image is a wonderful shot of you on the diving board. Love the blue sky and palms too. Thanks again for sharing, Steve.

Nanook said...

Again with the I Love Lucy references-! (You're so good). If we had seen any stars while there I certainly don't remember.

@ Debbie V.-
I never really thought of my parents as cool, as I think their contemporaries were similarly-minded; although I'll grant you this - they clearly looked/dressed the part of "hip, with-it parents" for that time, as the opposite is clearly on-display often, as seen in many images on these 'pages'.

I'm afraid I confused the purse issue, as there are actually two purses, poolside. I'm gonna guess one was an 'actual' purse, and the other one for outdoor needs. The straps of the 'wicker purse' described in the last image can be seen peeking their heads out in front of my mom's left leg in the 2nd image. The loop handle purse prominently on-display in the second image was a fav which I remember well.

The smell of Sea & Ski indeed-!

@ Dr. Goat-
With that T-bird you might be mistaken for Edd 'Kookie' Burns-! (But you really DO need the convertible model).

@ Patrick Devlin-
Wow-! Such kind words about my so-called lifestyle. I'm flattered. (I never even knew I had one). However, just be careful what you wish for - (just ask Faye Dunaway & Warren Beatty...)

An "ensemble" of swim trunks, hmmmm - well, I guess in the 'good news dept,' one only requires a chest of drawers to manage all that swimwear, rather than a full-sized, walk-in closet. Now, the big question - couture or off-the-rack-? (Oh, as if you had to ask-!)

@ Ken-
So - did I actually dive-off the high board-? Oh, you bet-!

Nancy said...

Beautiful views!!!

Your mom is Jackie Kennedy. Dad there is pretty cool, too!

The Thunderbird is a uncle had the same model in black.

I agree with the idea of a swimsuit wardrobe...nothing worse than having to put a cold, wet suit on again :-O

Thanks as always for sharing your family and memories with us!! :-)