Friday, March 03, 2017

Slide Restoration, April 1961

I have a pair of slides that were in desperate need of color correction, so I put on my green visor, rolled up my sleeves, and went to work! The results were pretty good, if I do say so myself.

This boy is waiting for the next available Autopia vehicle, while two cast members argue drunkenly in the background (!). Gee, things sure look pink.

Ahhh, that's better. I almost forgot that blue existed. This kid would later change his name to... David Bowie! Not really. But he reminds me of the Thin White Duke, with the vest and the whole deal.

See? I'm not crazy!

Here's an unusual view, with the young Duke sitting on the Red Wagon, with the Red Wagon Inn out of frame to our left. I wonder if all of those pennants in the distance were there to get guests excited about the upcoming "Edison Square"? 

The restored photo is so much easier on the eyebones. We can see a sign indicating that we can register for a guided tour - is the tented structure where the guides themselves could be found? To the right is the Baby Station, where ladies (never fathers!) could get formula, have a bit of privacy if they needed to nurse their babies, change diapers, and all that jazz. Notice the sign that says "Stroller Parking". 


Nanook said...


The color restoration is, once again, nothing short of spectacular.

Those pennants and tent you reference that we can see in the distance were the original home of The Art Corner. But then became the "home" to the display for the [never-to-be-built] Edison Square. (Was it still there in 1961-?) I'm guessing, yes, as the outlines viewable may well be for renderings of Edison Square.

And for the record, I never wore a vest when visiting Disneyland-!

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Smile,'re at Disneyland! It looks like there might be a model behind glass in that second pic (below the "Stroller Parking" sign). Was there ever a model of Edison Square out on display in the park? That would be super cool to see!

Amazing restorative work, Major!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I agree with Nanook your color corrections skills are becoming something of legends. No joke, I'm a graduate of the Pasadena City College print (graphic arts not ctrl+p) program and spent 20+years as an intinerate Lithographer.

I also agree our young John Boy Walton/David Bowie look alike needs to lighten up. "Happiest" place on earth and all.

In defense of the Autopia CM's 8hrs of "leaded" gas fumes might give anyone an angry buzz. Happy friday y'all.

DrGoat said...

Same here. Great job. I think that closest fellow in the backround of the first image is sweeping the pavement.
Those shoes look like they might get uncomfortable after a few hours. I think we were into tennis shoes back then, unless our parents made us wear hard sole shoes....and vests.

K. Martinez said...

Hey kid! Didn't you get the memo that it's a requirement that all children must smile when at Disneyland? Now smile and show us your Disney side or you'll have to drink the special Disney Kool-Aid we've prepared for you.

The Red Wagon shot is a beauty. Thanks, Major.

Tom said...

Adding my plaudits as well. Excellent job! How you are able to conjure such a vibrant spectrum out of that monochromatic palette I will never know. Your professors at Hogwarts must be proud of you.

Unknown said...

"Impressive, most impressive", said Vader as Luke leaps out of the carbon freezing pit. Such are your Photoshop skills becoming my young apprentice...

I remember some time not too long ago someone on some Disney board speaking of the Tour Guides being up at the Plaza. It's so nice to see photo evidence of the arrangement. Great shots, now do "Moon Age Daydream" or "Starman"!

For laughs, Alonzo, I once took a studio art class and made lithographs using limestone blocks: 'twas great fun, that!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, thanks! Was the Art Corner still in that area in 1961? I thought it was in Tomorrowland by then.

TokyoMagic!, hmm, it’s just too hard to tell, but that *might* be a model of Edison Square. To the left (behind the “register for Guided Tour…” sign) might be some sort of concept art on display too (?).

Aloonzo, good old PCC. My grandfather was in the printing biz, I sure wish he’d been around long enough for me to grill him about all things lithography. But I was a dumb kid. Never thought anyone would be compared to David Bowie OR John Boy Walton!!

DrGoat, I was joking about the drunken argument! But you’re right, the guy might be sweeping up. The kid’s shoes look pretty new, based on the soles seen in photo #2. So yeah, maybe they were all stiff and ouchy.

K. Martinez, it IS a little weird that the kid doesn’t even attempt the Pavlovian “smile for the camera” expression.

Tom, I owe it all to House Slytherin!

Patrick Devlin, I am jealous of your experience making stone lithos. I’d love to try that someday, it has a very distinctive look. Love old posters made using stone lithography. Meanwhile it is STILL weird to think that we live in a world in which Bowie is no longer with us. But we'll always have those great songs.

Nanook said...

@ Major-

I think I confused the issue. The Art Corner moved to its permanent home in Tomorrowland either in September or October of 1955 - sources seem to differ.

David said...

The color restoration is fantastic!!! Got to say, the young Thin White Dude knows how to pose for a photograph. And had a Dad (most likely) who understood what would look great.

Chuck said...

Major, are you sure you didn't take beautifully-preserved Kodachrome images and add a magenta layer to them? :-)

These restorations are nothing short of spectacular. Well done!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, you are hereby sentenced to one night in Disney jail. Nothing but churros and water for you!

David, yeah, the kid has style, even if he looks a bit morose. I wish dad had had the foresight to use Kodachrome film though…

Chuck, I actually manufactured the entire thing using models, Tester’s model paint, those sponge-rubber trees, and so on.

Bill Cotter said...

Outstanding work!