Thursday, March 23, 2017

Steve Stuart in Disneyland, March 1961

We're down to the last of Steve Stuart's personal photos of vintage Disneyland, and beyond that there are just a few other slides to share here. Bummer! But nothing lasts forever. As usual, Steve has provided some fun commentary to accompany today's photos. Here he is:


Return with us once again, to those thrilling days in March of 1961, when four friends spent a day at Disneyland, and view the final set of images from that visit.  In this first one, I’m a bit uncomfortable with this oddly erotic “tiki god ‘love’ scene”, right there in the heart of Adventureland.  I’m somewhat in doubt this was what Walt was referring to when he mentioned “… the hard facts that created America”, but for a group of 10-year old guys who couldn’t care less about such dedication plaque verbiage, (although it just may be the most brilliantly-written and meaningful ‘mission statement’ of all time), perhaps this was merely a bonding moment on the road in search of those hard facts.  Our wooden friend is quite photogenic, and can be spotted in many a shot from Adventureland over the years – and I believe he has had more than one place of residence there.  

In the background, we can see the Adventureland-side dining terrace of the Plaza Pavillion.  (The Tahitian Terrace Restaurant would not yet open for another 15 months).

As we once again are seen heading first up and then down some rabbit hole, Ricky has obviously been carefully studying the pages of Highlights for Children a bit too closely, as he seems to be channeling the ‘good manners’ of Gallant.  He clearly doesn’t want to become a Goofus for some poor sweep, who would needlessly be dispatched to ‘rescue’ a lost hat that might become dislodged while visiting Alice and her travails in Wonderland.  The rest of us are clearly non-plussed.  In the background we have a nice shot of the “tent” roof and finial of the Fantasia 2 eatery.

In this final shot from Alice I notice both Peter and I are wearing rings.  Well, aren’t we the “fashion plates” – or the objects of derision from “big boys” – although oddly-enough, I don’t remember such moments.  

Thanks as always to Steve Stuart for sharing his great photos. Next week: the last from P.O.P.! 


TokyoMagic! said...

"Steve Stuart in Disneyland!" That sounds like an early 1970's TV special.....brought to you by your neighborhood McDonald's (and guest starring Ruth Buzzi and John Davidson).

These are fun pics, Nanook. Thank you once again, for sharing!

Debbie V. said...

Such great pics - I love seeing kids goofing off and having fun. I

K. Martinez said...

Goofus and Gallant! Ha, ha! I remember reading lots of their stories from the "Highlights for Children" magazines while waiting for my appointment at the dentist's office.

And how cool is that! You have a photo of you and your friends around the well known and well photographed big wooden tiki of Adventureland. I like your chimp channeling friend.

It's true that all good things come to an end. It has been a wonderful journey and I really appreciated the quality of your photos and presentation. They're some of the best family photos I've seen. I look forward to the last of your P.O.P. photos too. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Steve.

DrGoat said...

K. Martinez said it quite well. Some of the best of times in such vivid images. 61 was a good year.

Chuck said...

Thanks again, Steve, for sharing these with us. looking forward to the final POP series!

Unknown said...

Quelle beaux chapeaux!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Steve and Major. Alice is a favorite here.