Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bad Frontierland, October 1963

The title of this post is "Bad Frontierland", but it's the photos that are bad. Frontierland was just fine in 1963!

I suppose one gets a sense of civilization just beyond those plants and trees. After weeks of merciless wilderness, that log fort looks like a palace!

This is not the most exciting picture, but it shows and area that will be forever changed with the addition of Star Wars Land. "Chief Wavy" is slightly obscured by a tree, but three of his attendant warriors can be clearly seen behind him. Beyond those trees - parking lots, hotels, and endless Orange County suburban sprawl.

Personally I love photos of the burning settler's cabin, but this one is awfully dark. On the other hand you can see that the flames are really blazing! The poor settler isn't enjoying the spectacle so much.


TokyoMagic! said...

Awww, these aren't bad slides at all, really. Maybe they just need a little love.

It's sad to think that the subjects in each of these slides have all been destroyed. I just hope that the Cantina restaurant that replaces Chief Wavy, includes a singing audio-animatronic figure of Bea Arthur. That would be an even trade, wouldn't it?

K. Martinez said...

I'm sorry Major, but I'm going to have to disagree with you. These slides are just fine. I give them two thumbs up. Why? Because I have two thumbs.

TM!, as long as they replace the Sailing Ship Columbia's old gal at the front of the ship with a singing version of Diahann Carroll's Mermeia then I'm good with it. ;)

Unknown said...

I don't know how inviting that log fort really is? Those nine-year olds manning the rifles in the watchtowers re crack shots! They'll pick you off as soon as say howdy-do and then they'll stick an arrow in you, drag your carcass over to the burning cabin and blame another one on the "hostiles" in the area.

Nice wilderness, though...

Nanook said...


I like the glass-like appearance of the Rivers of America. So delightfully calming and restful.

And add my vote for a Mermeia figurehead appended to the prow of the Columbia - especially if she's singing This Minute over and over and over... Oh, what have I done-??!!

Thanks, Major.

Unknown said...

Oof, Ken and TM! those shots are out of the park! I'll be using them at every opportunity. Bea Arthur behind the bar and Mermeia stuck on the prow of Columbia with her little wookiee friend clinging to her skirts. It must be time to subject myself to another viewing of the Holiday Special. Oh yeah. Once every five years...

Snow White Archive said...

The cabin looks burnt to a crisp on this day.

A singing audio-animatronic figure of Bea Arthur. Nice idea TokyoMagic.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I appreciate your positive outlook! I guess I still need to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special - I used to have a digital copy of it, but never bothered to check it out.

K. Martinez, you had me at Diahann Carroll - what a beauty!

Patrick Devlin, they would never shoot at me, I’ll be dressed as a clown. Everybody loves clowns, it’s been scientifically proven.

Nanook, back then the river actually was made of glass. It was replaced with water sometime in the 1960’s. It’s amazing what you can learn on Wikipedia!

Patrick Devlin, we can only hope that the next Star Wars movie will have a computer generated Bea Arthur. “God will get you for that, Darth” (cue the over-the-top laugh track).

Snow White Archive, the cabin might not be crisp, but the settler probably is!

Chuck said...

TM! gets bonus points for referencing two classic holiday specials.

Anonymous said...

The settler isn't enjoying the view, but at least he's warm there by the fire.

I saw the rockwork from a distance on Tuesday, this part of the river looks like it will be mostly stone. There are some big trees planted behind though, partly obscuring the parking garage already.

Another SWL plus, I got to visit the old original Frontierland Train station because the train is shut down. I'll never get to do that again.