Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Along Main Street, September 1958

The old Upjohn Pharmacy is a wonderful piece of Disneyland History; it was there from opening day and lasted until September, 1970. The interior was built to resemble an olde-timey pharmacy, along with some educational displays (you were gonna get some learnin'!). Tiny complimentary bottles of Upjohn vitamins were given out, and you could slurp up some fresh, squirming leeches. They needed hot sauce, to be honest.

I love this photo of guests strolling past on Main Street U.S.A.; notice the lamp post sign for the new "Alice in Wonderland" attraction.

My favorite is the lady in her leopard-print catsuit and matching hat. Meow! She's telling her husband "You really should try the leeches!".

Meanwhile, over at the Carnation Plaza Gardens, the Disneyland Band entertains diners and those just needing to give their feet a break. Today's song: "Tequila".


Nanook said...


Somewhere I not only had a bottle of those vitamins, but also a container of multi-colored C & H sugar.

And all I can say about that gal's outfit, right on down to her hat is - prrrr...rrr...rrrrr...rrrrr-!

Thanks, Major.

Scott Lane said...

Meanwhile her husband is saying, "No honey, keep going. We're walking 20 paces behind you for a reason."

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Something I never noticed before. A gutter drain, just like on city streets.

DrGoat said...

Hard to believe it myself, but I still have one of those tiny bottles too. Came with 2 vitamin pills, I think. Should be able to find it. I'll send a pic to you Major. Dig the shoes on all the fun seekers too.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I have two Upjohn vitamin bottles (I’ve posted photos on GDB), but have always wanted one of those jars of colorful C&H sugar.

Scott Lane, today that lady wouldn’t warrant a second glance, but in 1958 she really stands out!

Anon, I didn’t even notice. I suppose that those come in handy on rainy days like we’ve had here in SoCal in the last month or so.

DrGoat, my bottles each say that they contain “12 capsules”. So either you took some of the vitamins (you DO look extra healthy…) or maybe they had smaller bottles at one time?

Unknown said...

Leeches. Mmm, good, leechy goodness.

The woman in question has just come from an unsuccessful audition for the role of "Honey West" which got snatched up by Anne Francis. Mrrowrrrr! Or maybe she was trying out for Emma Peel. I know the dates are wrong but I having some imaginary fun here, OK?

DrGoat said...

I'll find that little bottle and follow up. Pretty sure it contained only a couple of capsules. In any event, we all loved the Upjohn Pharmacy. Basically, just enamored with all of Main Street. Used to spend a lot of time in the Penny Arcade enduring ever increasing jolts of electricity. There was one where you had to hold on until the Knight crossed the bridge to skewer the dragon. That one really hurt if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

During my time off, I'd go over to Upjohn now and then and get a collection of those vitamin bottles filled with 12 pills each. I'd take them home for family use. One of the benefits of being a CM. As for our leopard gal, I can just imagine the looks she must have got in Adventureland. I would have had some fun with her on my JC boat if she was willing to play along! KS

Bill Cotter said...

Catwoman searching for Batman?