Thursday, November 10, 2016

Steve Stuart Photos, June 1958

Hooray, let's take a look at more 1958 photos of Disneyland from the personal collection of "Nanook", aka Steve Stuart!

Once again, Steve has generously provided commentary: "This shot was taken aboard a Main Street Surrey, as we head toward the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Off to the left, we can see the awning and partial sign from the Puffin Bake Shop, wedged between the Sunny View Farms Jellies & Jams and the Penny Arcade. And adorning lampposts on both sides of Main Street are placards touting the new Grand Canyon Diorama, which would have opened on March 31, 1958, just a couple of months before this image was shot"

Check out that June Gloom! At first I thought perhaps it had rained earlier, but the water might be left over from Main Street's early morning wash.

"Here at the Jungle Cruise, evidently waiting to board the Orinoco Adventuress is my mom (doing her best to look like Dorothy Malone), De De and me. I can see from my bulging front teeth that my first set of braces wouldn't be too far out in the future. (Yes - my teeth are lovely, now - thanks for asking)".

Steve's mom does look pretty glamorous. I had to look up Dorothy Malone, but I definitely see a resemblance!



K. Martinez said...

How I envy you, Nanook. You saw Disneyland in the pre-Matterhorn days.

Yes, definitely Dorothy Malone. Loved her in Douglas Sirk's "Written on the Wind" Both her and Robert Stack were great in that one. Also liked her in the bookshop scene from "The Big Sleep" too.

Thanks again, Nanook. And thank you Major for hosting.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Some more great family pics,thanks for sharing Steve. The sparce crowd and slightly overcast day make any So. Cal (or former in my case) resident Disney fan super jealous.

I love those diorama placards! I want one. Gotta write a letter to Santa ASAP. Here's a better look.

Unknown said...

So nice, Nanook. For some reason I love the ambiance of that second shot. The relaxed look, maybe. It's pretty cool.

Chuck said...

These are great, Nanook! I love the "you are there" feel of the first photo. And that fringe has just put the needle on the Oklahoma! soundtrack record in my head. Thanks!

dennis said...

I like how people mostly walked on the sidewalks in the old days.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook, That "you are there" Surrey shot reminds me of the one your dad took of you and De De while riding the Jungle Cruise. And I'm assuming that is you trying to peer around the driver? I am loving your family photos! I hope there are tons and tons more that you (and the Major) will be sharing with us. Thanks again!

Nanook said...

@ Ken-

Even without 'photo-poof', I still "remember" being at Disneyland in those early years. Unfortunately, as with most memories from an early age, they do all tend to run together and with the case of Disneyland individual moments don't quite stand out. Even rode on a Conestoga wagon and stagecoach - but are only a very, very dim view now.

The resemblance of my mom to Dorothy Malone was often pointed-out - although she could hardly pass for her double.

@ Alonzo P Hawk & Patrick Devlin-

It's hard not to "feel the ease and the vast expanses of space" when looking back at Disneyland in its formative years. As before, I can't specifically remember those tranquil times, but I very-much remember many visits in the 1980's & even 1990's - usually on private party nights - where the lack of crowds was quite astounding. I easily remember a private party where a mere 7,500 folks had the ENTIRE PARK to (our)selves. Oh, my-!

@ Chuck & Dennis-

Point-of-view shots are so-often the best in creating a little "scene" and establishing perspective that makes for a wonderful shot. And please, folks - use those sidewalks-! Wouldn't want to be trampled by a disobedient horse.

@ TM!-

That was my guess, too, that I could be craning my neck to see all the sights Main Street, USA had to offer. I was probably longing the disappearance of the Hollywood Maxwell's Intimate Apparel Shoppe-!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve (Nanook) and Major for the viewpoint back. Very much enjoying these, along with your memory commentary and the rest of the comments.

We will never see a Disneyland like this again.