Friday, November 11, 2016

More Unrejected Rejects!

Once again, I tackled a few old slides that I'd skipped in the past - in this case they had turned so red that I was unable to achieve a satisfactory result. Happily, this time they turned out OK! Still a little funky, but pretty good.

This undated (but certainly from the 1950's) shot is a nice view of the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship as seen from the Skyway. Pretty, no?

I thought that the previous photo might work well with a "tilt shift" effect (in which one simulates the very short focal length that happens when taking a photo of a miniature). I think the result is OK, but not spectacular. Maybe I did it wrong.

Here's a closer view (non-tilt shifty). The level of detail on the ship is really impressive, especially when you look at what was going on at most amusement parks of the day.

Monstro the whale has an endless appetite for canal boats full of crunchy, chewy people. Sure, they need salt, but Monstro is watching his blood pressure anyway, so it's all good. Notice the large dirt lot in the upper right - I think that the Junior Autopia was there eventually (no evidence of it here).

Notice the little board on those rocks - a platform for a worker who had to repair Monstro's chipping exterior - he's been swimming too much. No wonder he's so crabby! 


Nanook said...


These are some lovely shots from a very new Disneyland. I believe the "dirt lot" was where the Midget Autopia ended-up. The Jr. Autopia would be just out of frame, to the right. Also, prior to the Midget Autopia's opening, that dirt lot was home to the very short-lived Mickey Mouse Club Circus.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I wonder if that is the Pope house that we can see just to the left of Cinderella's castle?

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, yes, I think you are right.

TokyoMagic!, no, the Pope definitely lives in Rome.

DrGoat said...

Those are nice. Methinks I've never seen Chicken of the Sea from that angle before. I think that is the Pope house. Glad to hear it has or will be moved to another location to make way for Star Wars.

Anonymous said...

Tilt-Shift FTW.

The little board bridge is so the CM can put eyedrops in Monstro's eye.

Interesting to see the rock/water configuration around Monstro, it has changed a lot over the years, here it is very wide and pushes people away from the whale, then it was pushed in up close, then pulled back again, like a tidal flow in slow motion.

It doesn't bear to think metaphorically about the riders after they exit the ride having been down the whale's colon.


K. Martinez said...

I wonder if Monstro has irritable bowel syndrome.

Major Pepperidge said...

DrGoat, it seems surprising that they will blithely tear down anything in the park, but will go to so much effort for something that most people don’t even know exists. Still, I am glad that the Pope house will survive.

JG, I had to look up “FTW”! So much for my internet cred. Monstro defintely has “dry eye”. Hm, now that you mention it, I may have to go back and compare the rocks and water around the whale. Perhaps the whole ride was supposed to represent hallucinations derived from oxygen deprivation while in Monstro’s alimentary canal.

K. Martinez, the bowels might not be irritable, but the guests sure are irritating. Flip flops go right through you.

Unknown said...

Great angles, Major, and nice restorations.

I love seeing details in old views that either time or foliage has erased. Like the curved sort of ogee molding shape of the curbing that surrounds that oh-so-spacious looking lagoon. I wonder how they poured that kind of thing in the days before Styrofoam forms.

And as a nautical goofball I long for the Story Book Land lighthouse to return to its days with a rational number of stripes. And I consider the West Quoddy Light to be an aberration (I guess I am a geek!).

Nancy said...

Love!! Notice how there are ropes to protect guests from falling into the water from the little wooden dock, but you could step right off the cement and have a swim!!