Monday, November 07, 2016

Snapshots, March 1974

I decided to use up the last five snapshots from 1974 in one go, since a few of them are not that amazing. 

Like this one; it's not a great shot of Merlin's Magic Shop, but it is a pretty OK shot of that wacky trash can. 

This is the kind of photo that my grandmother would have taken. She loved flowers! I swear, half of the vacation pictures that she took are of various wildflowers in California. 

The Seven Dwarfs were out and about; here's Doc, dispensing free medical advice to all. Just like I used to do before I was apprehended.

The Kodak Picture Spots had been taken over by GAF, but nothing else had changed much. I wonder if Mr. Red Pants is filming some Super 8 home movies. Love the white shoes! And of course, Skull Rock is always great.

I guess this is Bashful? Or is it Sneezy? He looks like he's just seen something that he wasn't supposed to see. 

That's it for this batch, but I have lots more snapshots to share!


Nanook said...


Lots 'o flowers. Appears to be a sea of Snapdragons. I think Mr. Red Pants/White Shoes is a shill for GAF. I was never very good at identifying those Dwarfs. I think it could be Barky.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I don't remember the rockwork around Skull Rock and Captain Hook's Pirate Ship having any low areas like the opening that is in front of Mr. Red Pants. It looks like he could fall into the lagoon very easily. And my dad used to wear white leather shoes quite often in the seventies, including during at least one theme park visit (Universal Studios)!

I think that could be Surly in the last photo.

Scott Lane said...

Haha Nanook and TM but, no, it's Sneezy.

Alonzo P Hawk said...


Shurly (don't call me Shirley) your mixing the Seven Dwarfs and the Seven Duffs (The Simpsons). Surly was my favorite from that classic trip to Duff Gardens.

The first picture is great for people watching. Lot's of green chothing. A very nice demi-babushka (also known as the napkin babushka)on the lady holding the green jacket.

Mr Red pants kinda has a Mike Brady vibe. Still sporting the camera gear and dreaming of the trip to the islands while he scopes out skull rock.

Nice collection, thanks for posting.

Alonzo P Hawk said... Too much Duff beer before 6 am has derailed my spelling.

Nancy said...

I vote Sneezy as well! :-)

I always forget how small Skull Rock really is. A person in the frame certainly puts it in perspective. So much of how it looks seems to depend on the way the picture turns out from the angle it was taken.

Thanks for the nice views today, Major! :-D

MRaymond said...

Mr White Shoes is bad enough but check out the Men In Plaid from the first picture. Now I remember why I always had a headache in the 70s.

Unknown said...

Hey, you're missing out on another dwarf! There's Bleary wandering away in the last shot muttering, "Must stop after three ales. Must stop after three ales."

K. Martinez said...

Nice 1970's feel and my favorite decade at Disneyland. That's Sneezy! Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic!, I remember seeing my uncle and cousin from Culver City wearing white leather shoes in the 1970's too. And a few more people in L.A. wearing them too. It must've been some sort of short-lived fashion unique to Southern California as I never saw white leather shoes outside of the L.A. area.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, snapdragons, eh? Well if you say so. There were actually two photos of that flower patch, but one is more than enough.

TokyoMagic!, Mr. Red Pants probably fell in and drowned right after this picture was taken. That lagoon is a menace to society! Think of the children, why don’t you. I remember your dad’s white shoes!

Scott Lane, Are you sure he’s not Wheezy?

Alonzo, Surly was everyone’s favorite! “Take a picture, it’ll last longer!”. I didn’t notice all the green, but you’re right. How odd. I think a lot of men had a Mike Brady vibe in 1974. Remember men getting curly perms? The girl who cut my hair wanted to do that to me. No way!


MRaymond, yes, it’s always a mystery to me how plaid every became as hugely popular as it was back then. But I admit I was very envious when I saw a guy wearing a vintage suit that was made entirely of a kind of dark turquoise plaid!

Patrick Devlin, he’s heading back to his hovel, which is strewn with Doritos bags and beer cans.

K. Martinez, I’m trying to think of how they could have indicated a person who sneezes a lot - he really just looks surprised. The only things I can think of are gross.

MRaymond said...

I need to find red pants, white shoes and a plaid jacket for next dapper day.

Melissa said...

1. It probably sounded like a glockenspiel with everybody walking around in those loud bell bottoms!

2. Those flowers must be pretty dangerous if they had to put them behind bars like that.

3. You can't really tell from what's cut off, but it looks like Doc is sneaking up behind some kid while that couple that looks a bit like John and Yoko look on in amusement. I hope he's not going to steal the kid’s wallet.

4. I loved the picture spots! On my first adult trip to WDW, I tried to get pictures at all the stops I remembered visiting on my first childhood trip, so that if those old pictures ever turn up I can compare them.

5. That's the little-known Dwarf Poopsie. That explains the surprised expression on his face and the other Dwarf running away in the background.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad all the pictures of me wearing '70's fashions have disappeared from the earth.

These are fun pictures in spite of the poor focus. I would hate to have to wear a dwarf costume.

Disney flowers and trash cans have always been exceptional. Thank you Major.


TokyoMagic! said...

Major, remember my dad's white shoes from my Universal/Adam-12 post! I remember you commenting on them back then. :-)

Major Pepperidge said...

MRaymond, I wonder if white shoes like that will EVER come back in style.

Melissa, ha ha. Nowadays, they probably WOULD have named a dwarf "Poopsie!". Or "Fartsie" at least.

JG, yeah, you takes what you can get when it comes to old snapshots. They're never as awesome as 35mm slides, in spite of their charm.

TokyoMagic!, how can I forget them!