Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Disneyland Munginess, July 1966

Today I'm sharing the last scans from a small lot of slides that had become very weirdly discolored; they defied my best attempts to restore them, even though they now look better than before. I'll be glad to say goodbye to them - but there are always more mungy slides to come.

Oy, so greeny-blue! Our photographer was rounding the hub, with the entrance to Tomorrowland to our right - the Monsanto house is hiding like a timid woodland creature. I feel dumb pointing out something as obvious as the Matterhorn, but hey, I've felt dumb lots of times before.

Views of the parking lot are always fun (and popular), even when they are less than perfect. It's cool to have Monorail Red directly across from us! 

Zooming in, I can just see the very cool mini-billboard that announced the imminent arrival of dinosaurs. Until now, I was never really clear on where it had been located.

Here's a better look at that billboard, from a previous post!


Nanook said...


They may be 'mungy', but we can still see Tinker Bell's "aerial assistance cable" heading-off from the Matterhorn to a place behind the Skyway Chalet, if memory serves.

Now, in that second image - let's start identifying cars... (As if-!)

Great sleuthing-work finding the signage for the upcoming Primeval World. (Is "The Dinosaurs are coming" the same as "The Russians are coming"-??

Thanks, Major.

Scott Lane said...

Nanook: Well, the VW micro-bus sticks out like a sore thumb.

Boy, the station wagon was really the minivan and SUV of its day, wasn't it? They're everywhere.

K. Martinez said...

You know, I wouldn't have given a thought to the greeny-blue hue until you bring it up. It actually gives the Matterhorn a cooler feel which is s match for the its icy look. Both pics are nice today. Thanks, Major.

Chuck said...

That tall bush (is that a real term?) in the first photo is in its last season - note that it's missing in yesterday's photo of the New Tomorrowland entrance under construction.

I would love to tap on the photographer's shoulder and ask him to pan left for a follow-up to the second shot. The POTC show building should be under construction about now.

As a follow-up to yesterday's discussion, I managed to find a cross-section view of a Circle-Vision theater. It's not quite a blueprint and it doesn't show how the theater would have fit into the building at Disneyland, but it does give you an idea of the size and shape of the projection room and the projector windows.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with these pictures. Thanks Major for revisiting that old decision.

@Chuck, thanks for the research on CircleVision, much appreciated.

I would have loved to hear Thufer's commentary on the parking lot. I miss him.


Nanook said...

@ Chuck-

Thanks for the colorful "schematic" of the Circlevision projection booth. It does show the general concept of the room and how each 'beam of light' interfaces with its surroundings. But as with other such artistic endeavors, it's a bit fanciful. The 'depth' of the room is considerably greater than what's represented here, and obviously, the space had to accommodate the film processor cabinets (although originally built prior to the invention of film platters, the design wisely chose those cabinets, allowing film prints to remain in-service for extended periods of time, without any degradation to the image), ancillary equipment, etc.