Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Family Portraits, 1957

We've seen today's family in previous posts; I hope you liked them, because they're back, and this time it's personal. Whatever that means.

In this first image, they're in Adventureland, with "Tiki's Tropical Traders" in the background. These folks wouldn't be so squinty if they had a woven hat on their noggins.  Adventureland had a ramshackle quality back in those days, which seemed appropriate to an area that had barely been explored by outsiders.

Next they're in Tomorrowland, in front of the fountains that graced the front of one of the buildings. Stroller boy isn't impressed. Take him to see the giant squid at the 20K walkthrough and scare the bejesus out of him! Just think, the family could still see such oddball "attractions" as the Kaiser Aluminum Hall of Fame, the Dutch Boy Paint Gallery, the Crane Bathroom of Tomorrow, "Satellite View of America", and so much more. I'm jealous.


Nanook said...


This family certainly does a fine job of representing the 'look' of the early-mid 1950's - right down to big brothers flattop.

In the second image Mom is clutching her ticket book, along with her purse. (Gotta love those 1950's strollers, including the "mud guards" on the front 'tires'-!). With the flag ID's for Florida & Michigan to the rear, our family is standing just west of the entrance to the CirCARama Theatre.

And, Major - don't forget the chance to see The World Beneath Us, - in Technicolor & CinemaScope-! (It's Free-!)

Thanks, Major.

Nanook said...

I should add - that's a Taylor Tot Stroller. The 'mud guards' are actually called "wheel pants" - but of course, and this stroller also has the foot tray for resting one's feet while being pushed.

DrGoat said...

Can't help but notice all the clear sky in that first pic. Looks rather odd without all the fully grown vegetation.

Unknown said...

Boy, it's hard to picture Adventureland as being that empty. It's such a bottleneck of narrow walking area and all today. But it looks good!

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, all of those sponsored shows intrigue me so much. If there was a working time machine, I would run to those! Notice that the ticket books are those old giant ones.

Nanook II, I prefer tater tots.

DrGoat, I’m sure the park would feel weirdly “in progress” if you could go back and walk around. Still… who wouldn’t want to!

Patrick Devlin, I know, my recent memories are of basically trying not to bump into other people or having a stroller crush my toes.

Melissa said...

I'm in love with all the cotton prints the family is sporting! Dad's shirt doesn't match any of the boys', but they all look like they go together. And even the boys, who don't closely resemble each other, all resemble their father.

I'm almost sure that's a monkey print on oldest brother's shirt comma which is absolutely awesome and I want one.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything remaining of the program or interior pictures of the Crane Bathroom of Tomorrow? It seems that could be pretty interesting to see today.

I love the family portrait, and how everyone sees something different in the same picture.

Thanks Major.