Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Unrejected Instamatics

While going through my many scanned Instamatic negatives, I found a few that didn't quite live up to my high standards. Well, today I am lowering my standards (hey, that was easy!) and posting them anyway!

This first unlovely photo shows Monorail and Peoplemover tracks near the empty sub lagoon (I think). I believe that this was snapped during construction of the "New Tomorrowland", although there is not a lot of evidence to support that theory.

Blurriness, the bane of my existence. Otherwise this would be quite a nice image! While we see a number of Peoplemover trains out and about, I am pretty sure that the attraction was not operating yet, and that they were just sitting there for looks.

Again, this one isn't terrible, it's just not very good either. I think this one was taken on the same day as these "Small World" construction photos.


Nancy said...

These arent so bad, Major. Lots of sunshine!

Between the Monorails and the Peoplemover trains, not to mention Autopia, its hard to imagine NOT seeing something on the tracks in an area that large. Wonder where this photo was taken from.

Blurry can be my middle name sometimes, but they are mine just the same. Enjoying the bright yellow Peoplemover train :-)

I have always liked that tiny castle on the tall hill. Pretty cool.

K. Martinez said...

Love the 2nd image. Layers upon layers and all that good stuff. The red & white striped awning from the Fantasyland Autopia is hanging in there for a while longer before it's painted all-white like it's counterpart; the Tomorrowland Autopia. Looks like the back of the Global Van Lines building in the distant background. These must be from 1967 as the PeopleMoever track has no guard rails yet.

Nancy, All of these pics were taken from the Skyway and that tiny castle is from "Cinderella". She definitely improved her living conditions when she moved to Florida.

Melissa said...

I love the two yellow Peoplemover trains in the second picture, passing each other at two different depths.

Nancy said...

Thanks, K. It just seems too close to the ground to be Skyway viewpoint. :-D

K. Martinez said...

Nancy, Here's a photo that I snapped while riding the Skyway back in the mid-70s. It's pretty close to the same location Major featured today.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, they could be worse, but ordinarily they wouldn't make the cut! I believe that all three pictures were taken from the Skyway.

K. Martinez, I guess stripes fell out of fashion, even in Fantasyland. Yes, '67 for sure since the Peoplemover isn't even operating just yet.

Melissa, I don't think they are technically passing each other, since they are very likely "parked"!

Nancy, oops, didn't see that K. Martinez answered your question already!

K. Martinez, I'm sure Nancy would believe you even without photo proof! Still, it's neat to compare the two photos.

K. Martinez said...

The photo actually does look low for the Skyway, but the Skyway was short (1 tower) on the Tomorrowland side compared to the longer (2 tower)side in Fantasyland. There were definitely higher vantage points in Fantasyland compared to Tomorrowland. I do like the tree growth comparison between the two photos.