Monday, May 12, 2014

Eight Year Anniversary!

When I started Gorillas Don't Blog (arg, that dumb name!) back in 2006, I would have never dreamed that I would still be blogging in 2014. It was supposed to go for just a few posts. Then for one year. Then I aimed for 1000 posts. And now? I achieved my goal of being the 27th most popular Disneyland blog starting with the letter "G". And yet I remain humble and lovable.

And I might as well mention that I haven't missed a day since October 30, 2009 - 1,665 consecutive posts! Thanks to all GDB readers for sticking with me - particularly those of you who are kind enough to take the time to comment. You know who you are!

I have a few nice photos to share with you in honor of this momentous occasion.

Let's start with this fun picture of the Gonzalez Trio (circa 1957). Notice that a special guest performer has joined them - there's his giant Frito-shaped cowlick. Yes, none other than the Frito Kid is singing harmony. He had a beautiful falsetto that made angels weep. It is clear from their lively expressions that the presence of such a star has made them really up their game. Can you blame them? Hopefully Klondike is still making delicious Fri-tos in the kitchen..

Even a modest Instamatic photo makes the cut today - take a look at this amazing, dramatic shot (as seen from the Skyway) of Monorail Red as it passes construction for the New Tomorrowland. Parallel to the Monorail track is the unfinished Peoplemover track. I believe that the building to our left housed the "Circlevision Theater" (showing "America the Beautiful"). If only the resolution of this Instamatic was better, I would have zoomed in to try to make out some of the signs on the wall (we'll see more of those red and pink construction walls sometime in the future).

From 1956 comes this photo of some guests who came to the park in vintage costumes. It is safe to assume that they were part of the Horseless Carriage Club. I love that vermillion checked suit so much! If I had one like it I would wear it to Dapper Day, and pretty much every other day as well. The lady with the hat looks like a Gibson Girl. Even the little boy is in character, complete with high-button shoes. This event looks like something Ward Kimball would have enjoyed. By the way, let's not ignore the neat sign advertising the brand-new Skyway.

Here's a cool one from August 1965, presumably taken from the Disneyland Railroad as it passed the New Orleans Square construction zone. Some of the concrete walls have a distinct look of being semi-demolished, which makes me wonder if those areas were part of what was the original "Pirates" walk-thru concept (rejected in favor of a new people-eating boat ride). Walt was perfectly ready to tear out the old and start anew, cost be damned. 

And even though this isn't the most spectacular photo of the Matterhorn under construction (the slide is dated March 1959), it is certainly picturesque, with Tom Sawyer Island and the Rivers of America in the foreground. 

Again, thank you for 8 years of fun. I've managed to acquire more slides - not a ton more, but enough to keep me going for a little while longer. 


Graffer said...


Nanook said...

Eight years, eh-?!! Why you're barely a youngster-!

I can't imagine a NEW post everyday for four-and-a-half years. (Isn't there an award for that sort of thing-?) Well, there ought to be.

Thanks for that.

And - hey - them's mighty swell images today - especially the Skyway image and all them fancy clothes. I'm inspired to get back into 'short' pants again.

Thanks, Major, for continuing to march among the faithful troop keeping the Disneyland (and beyond) spirit alive on the web.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, thank YOU for sharing your collection with us and also for making us laugh for the past eight years!

Chuck said...

Happy anniversary! You should celebrate with something special, like an artichoke and garlic taco sundae at your favorite deli.

Thanks for eight years of tireless toil, putting smiles on people's faces around the world. You'll never know just how welcome a little bit of Disneyland can be when you're a long way from home in a place that's obviously not the happiest on Earth.

I am in absolute awe of your ability to give us something interesting, imaginative, and funny every single day. I have trouble pulling off all three in the same week.

Thanks, Major!

Pegleg Pete said...

Congratulations on the anniversary, Major. Your blog brightens my day no end. And today's crop of pics is a fine one indeed – especially that photograph of the construction of the New Tomorrowland.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Ditto. Congratulations on the anniversary, Major.

Your photos always appear to be unique (different angle, era, subject matter etc.) and fun to look at, dream about, reflect on and in most cases comment on.

Great work, thanks for your tireless effort.

I agree on the circlevision building photo. If'n my foggy memory serves when you went by it through that tunnel (via Peoplemover)you saw the waiting area with the state flags hanging from the ceiling.

Gnometrek said...

Thank you Major! You and your band of merry commentators make me smile everyday. I hope you know how special your are and extraordinary this site is. Sixteen years and a movie!!!!

Daveland said...

Congrats, Major - nice selection of anniversary shots to celebrate!

Tom said...

Thank you for all the great pics and for eight years of diligent work!

In particular, today's pic of the Gonzalez Trio, with the elusive Frito the Kid in the background. I was never sure exactly where he was stationed in relation to the exterior, and now I know.

K. Martinez said...

Congrats, Major. "Gorilla's Don't Blog" is a great name. It sticks to the brain. Thanks for providing a daily blog that helps make my days a little lighter and a little brighter.

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

Many thanks, Major! We all know that eight years translates into a LOT of hours of hard work, and we are all very thankful for what you do. Your intelligent, witty and insightful commentaries are what really keep us coming back day after day.

Happy Anniversary! And again, thanks so much!

PsySocDisney said...

Wow, 8 years is truly a great feat! And in blog years, that's like 56 years! Congratulations and THANK YOU for the fantastic photos you share every day. I look forward to checking the page each day and wondering what I'll see. I'll always remember your blog as one of the first to get me obsessed with Disneyland history. I won't call it a "gateway drug" buuuut… ;) Cheers!

Melissa said...

Eight years of pictures: close-ups and long shots,
Eight years of Disneyland, Vegas, and Knott’s,
Eight years of souvenirs, posters, and pins,
Eight years of Linda and Lisa and Jim,
Eight years of humor and mermaids aquatic,
Of Kodachrome slides and of “mere” Instamatics,
Eight years of babushkas and groanworthy puns:
For eight great years, it’s been Majorly fun!

Melissa said...

The Frito Kid only sang corny songs. It wouldn't have been so bad, except he had a tin ear. And a real chip on his shoulder about it.

I'll always picture the Major in a vermillion checked suit now. And Mrs. Major in a big flowered hat, with badass shades.

Irene said...

My day would not be complete if I didn't check in each day to see what treasures you have unearthed. Considering I grew up in the era that you feature, it brings me a lot of pleasure and nostalgic memories. Thank you for all you do to locate and clean up the images. It is very much appreciated :)

Nanook said...

@ Melissa-

I've never thought of vermillion as a "flattering" color, but perhaps when part of a 'checked suit', it makes one glow.

'Tin ear', 'corny', 'chip on his shoulder' - where do you come up with all this delightful prose-? I think you and the Major are in cahoots - he being your agent/manager, and we the GDB Faithful, the 'test audience' for all this yumminess for the eyes. Whatever the arrangement, I'm happy to be a part

Kyle said...

Hey Major! Sorry I'm a bit late to commenting but want to thank you for hanging in there for 8 years! I echo the other comments in that I always enjoy your photos, info and especially your sense of humor that you share with us every day. Believe me when I say that it is much needed every day! I follow your blog almost religiously & will continue to do so. Again, mercy bucket!!

Major Pepperidge said...

Graffer, well that didn't take long!

Nanook, you're welcome!

TokyoMagic!, sometimes it feels like 12 years… but I'm not going to stop just yet.

Chuck, thanks to you for all of your contributions.

Pegleg Pete, I have at least a dozen additional photos of the New Tomorrowland under construction - not as good as that one, but they're still neat.

Alonzo, I only wish they photos were all from other angles. You have no idea how tired I get of the Mark Twain and the castle. They were too photogenic for their own good!

Gnometrek, a movie, eh? Clooney will be too old to play me in 16 years.

Dave DeCaro, thanks… I know your anniversary is coming up soon!

Tom, I admit that I didn't expect the Kid to be so close to the doorway, but it's cool to see him there.

K. Martinez, whether it's a good name or a bad name, I'm stuck with it!

Monkey Cage Kurt, it does take a lot of time; but what the hell else am I going to do all day?

PsySocDisney, I am happy to have been your first dealer in vintage Disneyland stuff!

Melissa, for some reason I think of Boris Karloff's Grinch voice reciting your poem!

Melissa 2, your puns are aMAIZEing. Maize, get it? Anybody? Hello?

Irene, I am very glad that you enjoy the photos!

Nannok, if the suit was just solid vermillion - it would still look cool! But the checked pattern is what makes it extra good. I really want one like it.

Kyle, I am glad that you are checking in regularly. I should be able to keep posting once a day, barring some weird occurrence (alien abduction or whatever).

SundayNight said...

I think I've been here the entire 8 years, if not, I have certainly viewed every one of your fantastic scans, some of them many times over. The pictures today are really wonderful, as usual. Happy blog birthday and thank you for all your hard work.

Melissa said...

whether it's a good name or a bad name, I'm stuck with it!

You could always add a subtitle,like, "Gorillas Don't Blog: The Blogpocalypse" or something.

Major Pepperidge said...

SundayNight, thanks!

Melissa, "Gorillas Don't Blog: The Reckoning".

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

Melissa’s poem nearly brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for that Melissa, you’ve really got it goin on! (poetically speaking).

As you know Major, I’ve seen and read every photo and commentary on this blog (not all the comments though). I feel like you’re an old friend now. An old friend I’ve never met, nor most likely ever will :(

So, have you ever explained how you came up with the GDB name in the first place? If you have, I’d understand you not wanting to explain it again.

D Ticket said...

Thanks Major, never miss a post, much appreciated.

Yendorb said...

Congrats Major! Still a fan after all these years.

HBG2 said...

Late to the party, but
corn grits, you lesion!

Melissa said...

Corn grits... the Frito Kid... it's all falling into place now, Major. Or should I say, KERNEL?

Matterhorn1959 said...

Congrats Major. And to many more years!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Major. How you come up with this stuff year after year. Amazing! You have more pics than me...and I worked there!


outsidetheberm said...

Congratulations, David - this is quite a milestone! Your hard work is appreciated. Hope to catch up with you soon!

Unknown said...

I've been browsing this blog for the last few days. Some of the shots bring back great memories. I took my family back to Disneyland back in 2012; I was so confused on how to get into the park and I couldn't find the original parking lot with the cool trams. The last time I took my family to Disney was in the mid-90's. What a big change. Anyway, thanks for the great blog. I look forward to catching up with the other 8 years' worth of posts you have on here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the diligence. Your site makes long days shorter.

Connie Moreno said...

OMG, 8 years?!?!?!? Wow, sorry I am late to the party. Major, today's post was jaw dropping spectacular! No, SPECTACULAR!!! If I could have used a bold, red font, I would have.

Wow, what a fabulous accomplishment. I can not thank you enough for this blog. "Thank you" does not even begin to covey my appreciation and gratitude for your blog!! It was because of you and Dave DeCaro that I started blogging myself. And your comments! Oh dear God, I can't tell you how many times you've made me laugh out loud, blurt out some nonsensical word, snort, literally spit out whatever I happen to be drinking at the time, etc., etc., etc.!!!

Connie Moreno said...

And another thing....I must share this with my buddies at the Disneyland Gazette. It is too good to keep to myself!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and Thank You, Major.

GDB is one of the bright spots in my days. I really appreciate your work and the comments of my compatriot readers, my friends.

Best regards.