Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Omnibus & Castle, March 13, 1958

Just when I think that I can't look at another old photos of Sleeping Beauty Castle, I find one like this. The castle does look great of course, but it's the combination of bright sunshiny foreground and dramatic dark clouds that really make the photo. Maleficent is coming! Plus it's nice to see the Surrey out front.

I've zoomed in - not so much to see the Surrey better, although that's a bonus - but if you look carefully, you can see a bit of construction just above the horse - the Alice in Wonderland dark ride was under way.

Hey Chuck, here's a closeup of that sign! It isn't entirely legible (to me, anyway)… "Plaza Gardens - closed for remodeling - (something) Reopening Easter Week - Dancing (something) Disneyland DATE NIGHTS". Maybe you can make out what those other words are?

Well, the clouds just keep on coming, now blocking the direct sun completely. It looks like the Streetcar tracks have had some work done, I wonder why. Here comes the Omnibus!


Chuck said...

I love those dramatic clouds.

Trying to read that sign behind the garbage can to the left in that first photo, but it appears it's time for a new glasses prescription. Is it saying something about the Plaza Gardens?

Nancy said...

Me too! Love how it makes the castle even brighter in the sunshine.

Wonder where all the kids are, as I dont see any...hmmm. So odd to see Disneyland this empty :(

Tom said...

These are wonderful! It's refreshing to actually see some drama in the sky to highlight the bright, clean look of the park.

The road looks particularly light and scrapy; like they'd been hauling loads of chalk around main street and the hub for the past year.

Tom said...

I believe that other word is "Gala" as in "Gala Reopening"

K. Martinez said...

Lots of available seating on those empty benches on the Plaza Hub, but they'd probably be hot with no shade on a hot Summer afternoon.

@Nancy - Back then, the adults outnumbered the children 4 to 1 at Disneyland. Not sure what the demographic breakdown would be today.

Chuck said...

I concur with Tom - "Gala Reopening"... and I think it says "Dancing at Disneyland" below that.

Thanks, Major!

SundayNight said...

Love these "the kids are in school" weekday pictures.

Connie Moreno said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG the Park is so EMPTY!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a dramatic shot of the Castle.

Usually, I'm with you on the run-of-the-mill tourist shots of the building, but the sky makes this one special.

Bonus for the little bit of construction and the sign enlargement.

Thank you, Major.