Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Snapshots 1970

I'm using up the last of a small group of snapshots from 1970-ish - I promise that the next group of vintage photo prints will be much nicer!

Yeah, yeah, the Mark Twain, it's great - but what about that guy's hat! He get's a gold star and a smiley face.

"Patty, I'm seeing giant pink cats again". "Don't worry, Rudy, it's just Scat Cat from 'The Aristocats'"! This is fun, you don't see many photos of this character - and since the movie came out at the end of 1970, I am assuming that these pictures are from 1971 or thereabouts.

Sure, he looks harmless enough, but imagine walking down a darkened street and seeing him behind you - getting closer. And closer. HE'S HUNGRY!

Oh, topiary elephant, you brighten my day while consuming carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Even real elephants can't do that!


Pegleg Pete said...

Scat Cat?! And then there's yet another of those jazzy Parisian cats in the background. And the Walrus too! what an eclectic grouping of characters.

Chuck said...

Must be after April of 1970. The Walrus is there, but no Eggmen.

Melissa said...

The dapper hat man in the foreground of the Mark Twain picture looks like actor Jack Kelly (alias Bart Maverick.)

I remember Scat Cat in a bowler hat and bow tie, and Peppo in a floppy hat and neckerchief. And none of them being pink. But the 1970's were a Very Special Time.

K. Martinez said...

In the Mark Twain photo there's so little vegetation and water in view. It's quite an unusual shot. That is definitely one cool hat.

Any Aristocat characters in park photos remind me of WDW for some reason. Perhaps it's the opening day Life Magazine photos and viewmaster reels of WDW which featured quite a few of them. I like that both "ends" of the IASW fa├žade are in view here. How I miss the days when IASW was off by itself in it's own park like plaza. Nice set today. Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Melissa may be right. The Maverick brothers (and cousin Beau) were prone to gambling (especially on riverboats).

Looking more like Dick Tracy here.

Tom said...

Hey, is that Laurie Partridge over there behind the pink shirt gal? The glasses are no disguise, Laurie.

Great photos! Always nice to see images from that era, particularly of the not-so-prevalent characters.

Chuck said...

Listening to the Disneyland story record of "The Aristocats" with my youngest right now. His choice, too.