Monday, November 28, 2011

Santa's Village, New Hampshire

It's not too early to start posting Christmas stuff, is it? Target stores went into full Christmas mode on November 1st, after all. Today we're going to go back the 1950's, and to Santa's Village - this version is in Jefferson, New Hampshire.

As the story goes, in 1950, Norman and Cecile Dubois saw a deer crossing a road, and decided that the North County in New Hampshire would serve as an excellent home to Santa Claus. The park opened on Father's Day, 1953.

I love this photo! If I'm not mistaken, this friendly snowman is still there. In the early years, the park was limited to simple attractions such as pony rides, and performances by a mule. As time went by, more rides (such as a flume ride) and themeing were added.

I wonder if that is Santa's house, with its ice cream end gable and peppermint stick columns? Check out the giant bunny, too!

Here's a closer look. I think this fellow is also still around, though in one recent photo he was wearing a denim engineer's cap. Presumably he is the Easter Bunny himself, in keeping with the Christian holiday theme (apparently there is a duck pond that is somehow a shrine to Jesus). The park is still family-owned - the grandchildren of Normand and Cecile run the place. Which is awesome!

The smiles on the faces of those two girls says it all! They are mighty happy to see old Kris Kringle. I am very glad to know that a charming local park like this still exists in a world where so many others have gone out of business.

I hope you've enjoyed your trip to Santa's Village!


TokyoMagic! said...

I want my picture taken with that snowman! What a great photo op!

Nancy said...

what a nice place....i love the snowman, too! ht would fit right in with my collection ;-)

i have a coworker who lives in NH, will have to ask her if she knows of this little treasure. it is really good to know that some things do last

Connie Moreno said...

I want my picture taken with the giant rabbit!!

Smee said...

I was there in the 1960s. Stopped on a trip to Mt. Washington. Looked pretty much as it shows here.

JG said...

Santa and the Easter Bunny seem to be standard companions.

The SoCal Santa's Village had that by-play also. One of the attractions (! fancy term for a covered slide) was the "Easter Bunny's House".

I sort of expect to see the Tooth Fairy woven in somewhere.