Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rejects - Unrejected!

Hello, space cadets! Yesterday, I shared some leftover images from Disneyland. Today I have some different leftuggies that have nothing to do with Disneyland. Regular readers know that for the past few months, saturdays have become "Anything Goes Saturdays", where you never can tell what you're going to see on Gorillas Don't Blog. Back in June I shared a great photo from Reno, Nevada; and both of today's pictures were scanned at the same time. They just didn't really measure up to my high standards ("high standards", har-dee-har-har!).But in the name of laziness, you're going to see them today.

Here's a shot looking toward the famous Nevada Club - one of the first casinos built in Nevada (1946!). It was also one of the first casinos to come up with the bright idea of adding a restaurant. Feed those gamblers, keep 'em happy! The club was famous for paying off slot machine jackpots in coins (in a special paper bag); chances are, most of those coins went right back into the slots. After a number of lean years, the Nevada Club closed suddenly in December 1997, and was torn down (along with Harold's Club next door) in 1999. Nowadays the space is an open plaza, part of Harrah's.

This very dark photo was taken inside a casino - which one?! - and I included it because of those awesome showgirl-shaped slot machines! If anybody knows where this was, please comment.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos from The Biggest Little City in the World!


bloefeld said...

Great pics, Major! I spent a bit of time as a kid in Reno and I remember seeing slot machines very similar to the ones in your photo. Don't recall which casino they were in. I do remember being rushed through the gambling area on the way to the coffee shop. They were very strict about not allowing children near the slots in those days. And my mom probably thought those girls were way too risque for my innocent eyes!

TokyoMagic! said...

Well-built, handpicked......slot machines.

JG said...

What Everybody Said.

Those slots are cool, lots of innuendo possible there.

@Bloefeld, I remember also being rushed past the slots to the dining rooms, what a farce.

That front of Harold's Club is just as I remember it. My Dad took us to dinner there once on a trip through Reno back east. The dining room was on the second floor, but the stair lobby looked over into the slots hall. I was not allowed to look in that direction.

My parents' church friends were all scandalized that Dad took us to a CASINO for dinner. How awful, bordered on abuse. But Dad loved his restaurant dining, and where else would he go in Reno for a meal but one of the fancier places?

For the record, I never saw Dad gamble once, although he let me put money in a slot on cruise ship where it legal for kids to do so offshore. I put in a quarter and won fifty cents. I have been safe from gambling ever since.


Katella Gate said...

You will notice from the point of view, that the camera taking the picture was invisible to most of the gambling floor... and with good reason. It was (and is) strictly forbidden to take photos in a casino, which accounts for their scarcity.

Personally, I always preferred gambling in Reno to Las Vegas, and both to Atlantic City. Some of our last family vacations were spent around the Tahoe area, so I have some very fond memories of the place.

Now, who wants to play Faro? I've got a coffin.

JG said...


Ha, the "suicide table"! I love it.

My shot glass from the Bucket of Blood is up on my shelf still.

I like Nevada, it's good to visit the free states occasionally.

Reno is just a nice city, with a great Basque restaurant.


Connie Moreno said...

Cool beans!!! I'd even put one of those girlie slot machines in my house - if I had one, LOL!

Major Pepperidge said...

bloefeld, I've only been to Reno one time, and remember thinking how small it seemed! "Biggest Little City" indeed!

TM!, aren't those some awesome machines??

JG, what would Freud make of those? As fpr your dad taking you to an evil casino, I say he sounds like a cool dad! I am not a gambler; I might be willing to risk $20, but I will lose it FAST and be on my way.

Katella, I didn't think of that, but it is true (at least today), photography is not allowed. Is it possible that the "no photographs" rule had not been instated back in 1960? I don't get the Faro - coffin remark, since I know nothing about that game!

JG again, the "shot glass from the Bucket of Blood" sounds like a country-western song.

Connie, yes, those beans are cool. I would definitely want one of those slot machines... wonder if any survive?

Nancy said...

very cool, indeed! I love all of the great signs, esp the little guy in the cowboy hat.

those slot machines are way cool, too. i wonder if that was a common style in those days or maybe this particular place had the only ones around?

JG said...

(off key, singing)

"...if this glass were a bullet, and this bottle a gun....I'd be killin' myself one shot at a time..."


PS: KG is referring to a saloon in Virginia City, near Reno, which has a "celebrated" card table where a player blew out his brains with his revolver, after losing at the game known as "faro", similar to poker.

Parts of the past, some very sad, are still very close in Nevada.

Anonymous said...

I believe the dancing girl slots are in cal neva.
Virginia city used to be the coolest, before they turned it into a strip mall.
100 mile view bucket of blood saloon, million dollar bar, and many more cool things that have disappeared.
I really miss Harold's, (especially there mileage signs), and fifty cent black jack.