Thursday, November 24, 2011

Knott's, January 1974

Happy Thanksgiving, homies! I hope that all of you will be enjoying a day full of food and family. I don't have anything Thanksgiving-themed for you today, but I am a jive turkey!

Here are three photos from the Berry Farm, from 1974.

This first picture is interesting to me... I think it was taken in the short-lived and ill-fated "Gypsy Camp" area of Knott's (the distinctive rock work in the background is one hint). And everybody knows that gypsies loved to put on shows involving animals, such as this bear (an escapee from Knott's Beary Tales?); and the elephant, which has those kids entranced! Have I mentioned that I love elephants? Amazing animals.

Now for a view from Fiesta Village, with a charming bridge and a sparkling fountain.

And finally, you know it, you love it, it's the Wackiest Fire Engine in Town! I'm going to make a movie about it - the fire crew will be chimpanzees, and Kurt Russell and his pals from Medfield College will be involved somehow.


bloefeld said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Major! Thanks for posting these.
I drove by Knotts earlier this evening on my way home from Disneyland. Can't believe how much it's changed. I have very fond memories of the gypsy camp, but don't remember seeing any bears or elephants. I love elephants too!

TokyoMagic! said...

What a hoot...who knew that Gypsy Camp had live animals? I didn't remember that! Look how the elephant and the bear are just out there in the open with the guests. Wouldn't that have been one great big lawsuit just waiting to happen?

Vaughn said...

Joe Flynn and his cronies started the fire to cover up the fact that they stole the formula which turned the firefighters into monkeys from Fred McMurray. Kurt Russell and his pals called in the fire and have a plan to expose the evil plot! Hilarity ensues!

Major Pepperidge said...

Thank you bloefeld, Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Yes, that park has changed drastically. It's still worth a visit though, if you haven't been for a while.

TM!, I know, I was looking at the small children just yards from those animals, with nothing between them. CHOMP!

Vaghn, you have obviously hacked into my computer and read my script! Only you forgot that the chimps also turn invisible.

Chuck said...

Knott's on Thanksgiving - I love it!

Speaking of Knott's, my amazing wife (a well-built, hand-picked honey if there ever was one) replicated a Mrs Knott's chicken dinner for my birthday last week. We've had a copy of the "Knott's Berry Farm Cookbook" for ages, but this was the first time we'd ever used it.

The results were fantablulous! The boysenberry pie tasted EXACTLY like what you get at Knott's, and the rest was pretty darned close. The pie was such a hit, we're having another one for Thanksgiving.

Thanks for sharing,and a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Major Pepperidge said...

Thank you Chuck, Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

Douglas McEwan said...

Knott's in 1974 is special to me. I wrote the 1974 Seymour's Halloween Haunt Show that ran at the (then) John Wayne Theater at Knott's in October, 1974. It was my only experience of theme park employment, though I was actually employed by Seymour Productions, where I also wrote Seymour's TV show.

I'll send you a couple photos I have of an actual performance of that 1974 Knott's Halloween show, which you may feel free to post. That was a busy-but-fun year for me.

outsidetheberm said...

That's a rare shot you have there on top, David. The performing animal show wasn't offered for long in Gypsy Camp. The building you see is still there (without the rock work - it became the Hollywood Beanery) but it seems to be flopped here. Thanks for the look!

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks for the info, Ken... you are probably right about it being flopped; these slides seem to have been mounted backwards. I corrected some (the obvious ones with signs!), but others, like that one, were missed.

Major Pepperidge said...

Douglas, that is awesome that you worked for Seymour Productions! I remember watching Seymour... for some reason his airing of "The Bride of Frankenstein" really stuck with me, with some of his silly bits during commercial breaks!