Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fantasyland, June 1963

Here are 3 familiar views take from the Skyway as it moved above Fantasyland. You've seen it all before, folks!

The spinning teacups are twirling on that whirling turntable. Groovy, man! Psychedelic before psychedelia was everywhere. I like the man and wife who are content to sit and watch the craziness happen around them.

There's a lot to see here, which is what made the Skyway so great. Besides the Skyway's own chalet in the distance, you've got the Pirate Ship and its dining area, Storybook Land (especially Cinderella's castle), and of course Skull Rock.

It was named "Skull Rock" after Sir Albert Skull. See Casey Jr.?


TokyoMagic! said...

Disneyland really was better back then! I know I already said that on Tuesday's post....BUT IT'S TRUE!

Chuck said...

Sir Albert Skull...wasn't he distantly related to Dr Albert Falls?

Chiana_Chat said...

They even finished the top inside of the falls with rock work.

The bottom pic is sweet. For some reason I wanna grab a rope and swing out to land in that little crow's nest! It's the Pan within.

As for the two guys just steeping in their teacup... without their spinning it, does their world not turn?

Fun views. Y'know Maj, I've gotten so fond of the place and times that whether or not the subject is familiar, seeing your posts can bring a bit of happiness and/or enjoyed nostalgia in the day. :)

Incidentally I think slow brain here is finally noticing why the teacup platform and saucers were so dirty and worn looking. Because it's an old mechanical carnival ride underneath: iron and lots of grease. The weather would be trouble enough. Washing it down regularly with hoses and maybe cleaners would soon ruin the works. Minimal water when they do try to clean would mean scrubbing with brooms etc and that would explain why the paint used to wear so bad. Somehow they came up with a solution for the paint by '63 here, but look how filthy the surfaces are!

They must have redesigned the current Teacups to withstand surface cleanings, but it must have been a problem back then.

Rich T. said...

Even though a lot of those teacup views are similar, the people-watching makes 'em all worthwhile!

Ah, look at ol' Casey plugging away back there! That ride has never gotten the appreciation from park-goers or travel guides that it deserves! It is not just a kids' ride. How many other miniature railroads have a chain lift, or a distinctive voice? Or a face that follows your movement like it knows what you've been up to? The narrow tunnels...the wonderful views of Storybook Land...that twist under the bridge (hey, there it is in the photo!) that throws everyone against the side of the cage...the soundtrack (I really like post-'83 version with the movie score and the ringmaster). The track layout is pure genius.

Never even got its own ride poster!

Thufer said...

Sir Albert Skull...was he the 'Prince' of a man that I use to purchase pipe tabacco from by chance?

PsySocDisney said...

Lovely vibrant colors. Skull Rock looking just perfect, like always. What a Fantasy :)

Orange Co Native said...

Great pictures of the original Fantasyland. They did great things with the land with the 1983 upgrade.

However, in my humble opinion. I think they should have done one of these two things.

1. Left skull rock and the ship there. Put Dumbo Flying Elephants over where the meet and greet stage is now over by Small World and maybe had 1-2 more dark rides as well on that plot of land.


2. Moved the ship and skull rock over to the now existing meet and greet stage area. Built the Peter Pan dark over there with Skull Rock and the ship. Then used the gutted Peter Pan ride where it exists today for another dark ride. So now you would have the new dark ride next to Toads.

RemainSeatedPlease said...

Can we, the GDB readers, by popular vote, or direct fiat, make Orange Co Native a visiting scholar at Imagineering? Those ideas are splendid; they would have preserved our dear skull rock and pirate ship, with the added bonus of putting something of interest in that long, lonely walkway between small world and the rest of Fantasyland.

If I may go back to a post of a couple of days ago (I'm not a daily reader, so find myself "catching up" by reading two or three posts when I do stop by), there were comments about possibly seeing ourselves or relatives in the Major's pictures. In a post early this year, I recognized one of my aunts and my older brother in the Main Street flower market. That was, indeed, a happy little find.

Major Pepperidge said...

TM! You aren't going to get an argument from me!

Chuck, you must have read my book "1000 Fellas Named Albert". Soon to be a major motion picture.

Chiana, I assume that the designer thought about the fact that the waterfalls would be seen from the Pirate Ship and the Skyway. I'll bet that crow's nest is way too small for an adult, by the way! I looked for the 2 guys sleeping in their teacup, where, where? You might be right about the teacup turntable covered with grease, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't just ordinary dirt from tens of thousands of people's shoes. It does often look pretty dirty in old photos. Haven't they heard of 409?

Rich T., I have still never been on Casey Jr., much to my shame. I always ride the Storybook Land boats! Next time FOR SURE! I love the way it looks though.

Thufer, I think you are talking about a different Prince Albert!

Hannahx2, I'm glad you like these... I guess I get jaded, but they *are* nice views, aren't they?

OC Native, Oh, if only they had done what you suggest! Imagine having yet another dark ride (although Pinocchio was added during the 1983 refurb), AND still having the Pirate Ship and Skull Rock. That would have been amazing.

RemainSeatedPlease, that is AMAZING that you saw your aunt and older brother! Of course, my dream is to actually find a photo of me at Disneyland. What are the odds? Hey, tell me which picture you saw your relatives in, and where they are, just out of curiosity.

David said...

The Tea Cups make me sick, so I cannot ride it. I've been going to DL only since 2009, so I love these look backs at yesteryear.

I noticed that June Gloom has set in on these June of 1963 pictures.

Plus, where are the crowds?

Nancy said...

i cant ride them now either b/c i get dizzy but before when I could they were always fun. ours at WDW is under a canopy so i dont think we have that worn-out look

i never noticed before that there was another formation and waterfall behind Skull Rock or even that walkway for that matter. where have i been? more pitty party for me that I never saw Disneyland back in those days :(

Chiana_Chat said...

OCN, good ideas!

Maj, think you misread my post! That's ok because it was just a bit windy.

Nancy, I like the remodeled teacups at DL. The remodel of the attractions was mostly all good news, but the subtractions weren't...

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Casey Jr. doesn't have its own attraction poster??? 56 years running and no respect!

JG said...

Straight to the desktop. I miss Skull Rock. See how close it was to Casey!

I vividly remember sitting on the rock bench with my back to the stone and feeling the vibration of the train going by, yet unable to see it due to the lush undergrowth. A miracle of theming density...