Sunday, November 06, 2011

Kenny, Teddy, and Mickey

Today's photo was sent to me from one of GDB's generous readers, Mr. Steve Stuart. Check out this fun publicity image from New Orleans Square; Mickey Mouse is getting his oversized loafers shined by Kenny and Teddy. When Kenny and Teddy weren't shining shoes, they were adding to the New Orleans atmosphere by dancing with the Royal Street Bachelors (and others).

K & T were not there for long, probably due to changing social mores, and the fact that there weren't too many nice leather shoes to be shined once sneakers and flip flops ruled the world.

Check out two photos from an old post... is this Main Street shoeshine either Kenny or Teddy?

Thanks once again to Steve Stuart for sharing this great photo!


Nanook said...

I've evidently left many of your readers speechless - either that or we're relishing the extra hour of Standard Time for other activities-!

I've forgotten the exact date of the New Orleans Square Shoe Shine Stand photo, but it's either from 1966 or '67, which increases the odds that our friend from the earlier post with Chip's dad is either Kenny or Teddy. Remember, they were just "performers"- talent, if you will, helping to create an authentic atmosphere for Disneyland's guests. Well, that was the official reason, anyway. Not everything from the past is worth returning to, no matter its supposed "charm".

Major Pepperidge said...

I know, everybody is stunned! ;-) I admit that I slept in unusually late this morning, so maybe everyone else did the same.

You're right, not everything from the past is worth returning to, but it can be instructive (and yes, even fun) to look at the photographic record. Thanks for sharing, Nanook!

Mark Hickson said...

This is a Very historic photo. My how things have changed in my lifetime. I used to shoot Injuns from the fort!
It shows how much we have grown.

Chiana_Chat said...

Was away for days so my lack of chat was coincidental. Coincidentally though, I can't think of a thing to say anyway!

Except I hope that mouse is a fat tipper with shoes that big.