Thursday, October 08, 2009

Random Thursday

"Random Thursdays" are the bestest Thursdays ever! Say it over and over and you will really start to believe it.

This first photo is a nifty, early look at Frontierland. The trees still look relatively tiny; And shouldn't Harper's Mill be on Tom Sawyer's Island? In spite of Frontierland's rough, unfinished appearance, small details like the wrought iron fence add a touch of elegance that you probably wouldn't find at other parks that wanted to compete with Disneyland.

The 3-car Blue Monorail swooshes over the submarine lagoon in this 1960 image. The shadow of the Matterhorn can't touch it because it's too cool.

And finally, a nice look at Casey Jr. The cars he is pulling are much fancier than the ones he pulled in the movie, with their gold leaf and rococo details. Two very cool guests are wearing hats with the dyed ostrich feathers (to the extreme left)!


TokyoMagic! said...

Somewhere there's a picture of the person that took that first picture, taken by the woman taking a picture in the picture.

Great Random Thursday, Major!

Nancy said...

Monorail Blue looks silver there...kinda cool

for the first time, i realized why these images always look SO different to me. as the Major said, the trees are all so young and petite

nice photo of the gardens near Casey Jr. never noted the X-pieces before...

thanks for Random Thursday :)

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, those X-pieces are supposed to suggest stitches like you might find in a patchwork quilt. Clever, no? Thanks as always for your nice comments! (You too, TokyoMagic!)