Friday, October 09, 2009

2 From Fantasyland, November 1960

The Land o' Fantasy is the most "Disney" of all of the lands, with so many attractions based on the classic Disney animated features. As much as I love the current Fantasyland, the pre-1983 version managed to squeeze an awful lot of charm out of those flat, colorful fa├žades.

Here we can see a lady (remember her from before?) standing next to the ticket sign (an "E" ticket attraction cost 50 cents!). She doesn't look tall enough to ride anything for a grownup! Behind her are the teacups and Mr. Toad, with the Carrousel to our right. I love the little ticket booth!

This shot is very similar, with the exception of Dumbo makin' the scene; and check out the construction wall around the Pirate Ship lagoon, resembling a wavy green ocean. Skull Rock was being added! The woman to our left is flipping through her souvenir guidebook... maybe Walt Disney will stroll by, and she can get it autographed.

Just added! Here is a closeup of the ticket sign. I didn't post a closeup originally (and believe me, I thought about it) because it was not very crisp or clear. I'm pretty sure Daveland or Matterhorn1959 had a much sharper photo of it! Anyway, you can make out some of the text, and all of the pricing, so I guess it's not a total disaster.


Mrs Toad said...

Is this before or after she rode the Matterhorn? She's getting a little warm by now, racing from one attraction to another, that she's finally taken that darn half coat off. Happiest place on Earth? You betcha!

(I like that restroomsandtelephone sign)

Chiana_Chat said...

Gosh, Skull Rock being added... :D

What's that guy doing with the other guy in the center of the 2nd pic? They're watching the construction and it's so exciting he's cutting a rug? Or do we want to know?

Matterhorn is awesome. Look at that. Really that is a serious, literal mountain of materials not to mention all the labor, everything custom done "by hand." Look at the waterfall area on the right, that's substantial by itself. Just 3-4 years from building the whole place and that park can arrange to finance that. At $0.50 a ride. Can't get a clearer sign that the place is a massive hit.

Chiana_Chat said...

Yep groovy signage Mrs Toad. Maj, any chance of a close up on the sign on the pole above the lady?

Nancy said...

wow...gorgeous composition on the first offering! i love the coloration of these as well

yes, definitely want to see that signage, too. you can never see too many :)

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Vintage Ticket Booth - Check
Vintage Ticket Sign - Check
Vintage Signs Everywhere - Check
Matterhorn in Background - Check
Green Skyway bucket - Check
Short granny having fun - Check

I don't know, that first photo just doesn't have enough going for it, must have been in the reject pile - LoL!

Thanks Major!

Anonymous said...

The construction fence is low enough to actually see over, unlike the currently-used walls that are so tall they block views of nearby attractions that are OPEN. What are they trying to hide? Low walls makes the construction itself an attraction!

Chiana_Chat said...

It's the thought that counts and it doesn't hurt it wasn't a total washout either. It's still neat. Maybe they have one of that sign I just can't remember. Thanks Maj!