Saturday, October 24, 2009

Around Main Street, November 1960

If today's cops stood on street corners and played saxophones, the crime rates would go way down. Or way up, what the heck do I know? In any case, it would be cool. Ukeleles would be good too. Here is an extremely rare saxophone quartet with five musicians! They said it couldn't be done, but by gum, anything is possible at Disneyland. I believe that these guys are playing that olde tyme classic, "Tequila".

There's our gal Dorothy, with her white gloves (why don't you wear white gloves to Disneyland? Yeah, I'm talking to you!). She is timidly hiding behind the bushes as Vesey Walker and the Disneyland Band go marching by (heading to the Mark Twain, I'll wager). Don't be scared Dorothy, they're tame.

And there's Dorothy's husband George. He always faces to the left. Always. Anyway, look at the terrible air quality! It's as if there was a brush fire nearby, but I'll bet it was just that famous, charming SoCal smog. See those olive trees with the twinkling lights? Tony Baxter has at least one or two of them, taking possession of them when they were removed (and with their twinkling lights intact). Hey, drinking fountain alert! And who left their garden rake in the bushes?


Chiana_Chat said...

Ah George, the famous Profile. Pity about the metal plate covering his right, had he made it to the 1980s when Robotech would make it fashionable.

Where were we. Oh yes. I see even a rake can enjoy Disneyland.

White gloves - how do you keep them clean and white over a day at Disneyland? One ride queue and they'll have lost that new glove look.

So Cal probably had fires more often then so there's always a real chance it's smoke. But that looks like old smog to me. Clearly the Main Street Tobacconist shop is doing amazing business!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Just look at all that shade, especially in the first image. I say we take up an online petition to force Disneyland to let the trees grow and provide shade.

Anonymous said...

Mm-mm! I love me a good saxomophone quartet.

Vaughn said...

I don't know... It looks to me like they're playing Mambo No. 5.

Cool photos.

Unknown said...

HA! That smog HAS been around for a loooong time! In fact, I remember seeing an episode of You Bet your life from the early 50's where Groucho Marx was making fun of the smog.

Caspian said...

Major, you are in prime form today. I always enjoy the photos, but the commentary keeps me coming back. Thanks!


Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks Caspian!

Anonymous said...

Having grown up not too far from Disneyland (La Mirada) there were many a day that started out foggy/smoggy and overcast where the sun didn't really come out until afternoon.