Saturday, October 17, 2009

Disneyland in Black and White, 1958

It's time to delve into the old box of black and white snapshots. Can't you just smell the aroma of old paper? There's a bunch of pictures of old people I can't identify. And look, there goes a silverfish. Gosh those things are swell.

They should have kept the Skyway, I'm telling you. I say bring it back, only crank up the speed so that it crosses from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland in 15 seconds. It won't be that different from the Rocket Rods. This photo is interesting because the Viewliner sign is still there. But not for long! Wish I could read that one with all the text(I can write, but I can't read). Somebody is waving to us from that bucket...

This picture has it all. Action! Romance! Suspense! Well, it has a weird clock anyway. And that's good enough for me.

Note how the photographer skewed the persepctive slightly to give the viewer an inexplicable sense of dread. I believe that the large palm tree in the background can still be found in the park.


Chiana_Chat said...

I'd feel sloppy traveling in a bucket.

Skyway "doing" the Rocket Rods - lol!

The Clock 0' the World and the twa rocket too oh my. I actually like the dread-full 'Cruise pic. It's the papyrus, juxtaposed with the barrels of Jack Daniels. Yes the secret got out. Many a skippering explained huh? Not really about the juxtaposition either, it's just a hip word.

Silverfish - urg.

Nancy said...

the Viewliner is my very favorite sign at Disneyland, bar none...

what an awesome picture this one is! too bad we cant see the station, darn walls-to-hide-the-new-construction!

i love black and white photos. the pic of Jungle Cruise is so cool, looks a bit foggy, sorta reminds me of those good old B&W movies like Creature from the Black Lagoon!

you know, i read that a former Disney animator designed the Gill-man creature in that movie ;)

as always, Major, thanks for the black and white

Pegleg Pete said...

Great Jungle Cruise pic!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

All nice, but that Viewliner sign is rare indeed! THANKS!

Thufer said...

Indeed, a viewliner sign!

Memory flood: my dad was afraid of hights and I remember watching him from the buckets in the sky and waving to him below. Thanks for posting that one.

TokyoMagic! said...

Great pics as always, be it B & W or color....print or slide! And the commentary...well, too funny!

I believe you're right about that that palm tree still standing and I think it is the one that stood next to Ron Dominguez' home before DL was built.

Jim said...

Vintage BW shots rock.

Veering way off topic:

Nancy- From Ben Chapman's Website:
(Ben was the second actor to don the Gilman's rubber suit)
"The costume was created by the geniuses Bud Westmore, Jack Kevan, and Chris Mueller, who sculpted the head…the man who was really responsible for putting the costume together was Jack Kevan. Bud Westmore got credit because he was the head of make-up at Universal and his name was on everything that came out of the studio. Kevan supervised the making of the costume and Chris Mueller did the head."

Note: Chris Mueller had a special fx credit on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Can you tell I love old Universal monsters almost as much as I obsessabout all things Disneyland..(did I say that out loud?)

Nancy said...

thanks, Jim, for the info

i read the comment i mentioned on Wikipedia, and i know that isnt the most factual place to get it

here is what it says:
"Former Disney animator Milicent Patrick designed the Gill-Man. Jack Kevan, who worked on The Wizard of Oz and made prosthetics for amputees during World War II, created the bodysuit, while Chris Mueller, Jr. sculpted the head. Ben Chapman portrayed the Gill-man for the majority of the film, which was shot at Universal City, California"