Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday Jumble

It's "twofer" Tuesday on Sunday! First up is a look at the Matterhorn in 1964. There's two guys at the top, boy did they make a wrong turn somewhere. I still remember watching some climbers when I was a kid. Little did I realize that my entire family kept on walking. The next thing I knew, I was lost! A helpful security guard somehow figured out what was going on (I wasn't crying, I swear) and he somehow found my parents quickly. I'd like to believe that they were looking for me!

Here's a slightly blurry look at a cute waitress inside the Golden Horseshoe. I am pretty sure that I have at least one other slide of this same waitress, if I can dig it up I will post it! Hidden behind a foreground hat is a Chinese fellow working behind the bar...we've seen him in one of daveland's photos too.


Matterhorn1959 said...

Nice interior shot of the Golden Horseshoe.

Daveland said...

Hey - what Matterhorn said and ditto! A lot of great posts lately, Major - thanks!

Anonymous said...

I also got "lost" at Disneyland once. On Main Street at night. My parents always told me not to try and find them but to stay in one place if I got lost.