Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Crowded day at Disneyland!

Yeesh, take a look at this crowd! What a nightmare. As much as I love Disneyland, this is a day that I am glad I missed (although I wasn't born yet, so that wouldn't have been an issue anyway). I wonder if there was some special even that attracted so many people that day, or if it was just "one of those days"?

Another interesting detail is to note where the photographer was standing when this picture was taken. This must have been from the brief period when people were apparently allowed up in the castle (but before the castle "walk-thru") to take in the view from the upper level.

Say cheese! At the extreme bottom of the picture there is somebody aiming what appears to be an old 4x5 Speed Graphic camera at us.


TommyTsunami said...

It is indeed crowded, but I see no cursed strollers in this shot.

Anonymous said...

What is that tower with the blue striped roof, right in the middle of the picture? A Fantasyland ticket booth? It seems out of place and in the way.

Anonymous said...

Is there a date on this slide? It might help us figure out why the crowd was so large. It looks like 1955 to us - and that guy with the large format camera seems to indicate he's with the press. Could this be the first day the park was open to the public?

Major Pepperidge said...

The slide is undated, unfortunately...the nearest I can guess is that it is pre-1958.

Wow, I wish I could verify if this was opening day, that would be cool!

Anonymous said...

Major -
We have a strong feeling that this may indeed be the first day the park was open to the public in 1955 (not opening day exactly). There is no Skyway, there are no sails on the Pirate Ship (still undergoing work) and the best clue...? Look how fresh the wooden roof shingles are on the shop roof to the right. They don't stay that color for long! They age fast. Nice slide.

Anonymous said...

All your observations seem right on anonymous. I compared this pic to the opening day film. This could very well be July 17, 1955. I base my theory on these observations:

No little toddlers on foot or in strollers (it would have been impractical on opening day).

Guy with professional camera taking picture (member of press?)

Looks like summer attire except for men in suits and ties. (Disney execs?)

Ticket booth was there in opening day film.

Pirate ship had no sails in opening day film.

Long shadows – possibly later in day after opening ceremonies.

Photograph taken from usually inaccessible vantage point (Sleeping Beauty Castle). I don’t remember this area ever being open to the public. If it was I think we would have seen more tourist photos from this area.

Sparse landscaping near Storybookland Canal Boats.

Few Disneyland souvenirs (hats, balloons) which may have not been ready for opening day. OK, this is a stretch – hard to say for sure.

Crowd packed together unlike typical busy day. Fantasyland was the next to last land to be introduced on the opening broadcast and people were probably anxious to be allowed to see it before going home or driving over to Knotts for a chicken dinner.