Friday, June 01, 2007

Let's Ride The Peoplemover! June 1968

The Peoplemover...who knew that this slow-moving attraction would be missed so much someday? Here is a series of five slides that should bring back some memories for a number of faithful viewers. If only I could figure out a way to have the groovy Peoplemover music playing while you looked at these!

First up is a nice overview of the load station with the fabulous Rocket Jets on top. I think I'll ride in a butter-yellow vehicle this time. Watch your head, I have a habit of bumping mine on this ride (and on the trams too).

Enjoy the wonderful view from the upper level of Tomorrowland! The place looks busy on this beautiful June day.

Now we're scooting out over the blue-green Submarine lagoon...Gramps is thinking about diving in. What could possibly go wrong?

We're heading towards the entrance to Tomorrowland (or, from our side, the exit). Ordinarily I don't pay too much attention to the flower beds, but the examples seen here are pretty striking. A few guests are taking advantage of the shade provided by the Peoplemover's beamway (or whatever it's called). Is that one guy using a souvenir wall map to navigate around the park?

And lastly (but certainly not leastly) here are the funky, futuristic fountains (made from the shells of Martian turtles) that once graced the entrance, by the "Adventure Thru Inner Space" building. At some point the plumbing was removed and they were turned into planters. I'm going to ride "Inner Space" next, I love being shrunk!


Anonymous said...

Great shots! The Peoplemover was great, you sat back and relaxed, took in all of the sights, and still felt like you were doing something. A very missed attraction for me.

Anonymous said...

I really miss the old peoplemover... it was totally relaxing starting with the "foot massage" speed ramps up to the loading circle. I also miss the original solid colors used on the cars... somewhere along the way they were painted white with generic industrial blue graphics ... which oddly enough were IDENTICAL to the graphics used on Safeway's generic bargan brand. Bad show.

Ah... the "Liver fountains".. so named because the looked like Liver-cabobs. I think they got rid of them because of difficult to remove hard water stains on the embossed stainless steel backdrop.


Katella Gate

Anonymous said...

I loved the PM - it was relaxing but inspiring as well. I believe there is a file somewhere online that has the music and speaking.
When I rode the PM I really believed that someday life would be like this - that "great big beautiful tomorrow" would actually come about. I liked the way it went both inside and outside, winding it's way slowly ...and the music!
Going to look for that file....

DeeBaughman said...

Ah, I'd forgotten about the foot massage on the speedramps up to the People Mover.

Great photo set, Tomorrowland has always been my favorite!