Saturday, June 23, 2007

Storybook Land

I was inspired by daveland's post from several days ago, where he showed images from Storybook Land (then and now!). I don't have any "now" pictures, just "then".

I love the details, and in this first photo there's a little church. It's been a while since I've taken the trip through Monstro's mouth, so I have no idea what Disney movie this church is supposed to represent. Could it be from Alice In Wonderland's village? The experts will know! Anyway, I noticed that there is a nice little mural on this church, I wonder if it is there today! My memories of bible stories is rusty...there's a boat on the sea with a couple of fellas (Saint Peter on the Sea of Galilea??). I'm pretty sure the story ended with a car chase.

Here's a closer look.

This next shot is similar to Daveland's...Gepetto's village, with many quaint little buildings, cobblestone streets, and snow-capped mountains. There is a concept painting (by Gustaf Tenggren) for the 1940 movie version of Pinocchio that seems to have been the inspiration for this scene.


Tinker Bell said...

Oh great pics! I do wonder why some elements are in the scenes of certain Storybook Land sections. Like the majority of the "Alice's Village" area... there is so much in that section that wasn't in any background in the film, save maybe the church looking structure.
The Peter Pan area I always felt they could have done far more with, as well. Artistic license, I guess! It is cute though. :)
Thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

The Alice church was a far smaller affair with lots of stained glass.

The background Alps and the lack of a cross on the "steeple" (and its positioning in the third photograph!) would indicate that this is but a large building overlooking Pinnochio's Village.

I've always admired the placement of this entire setting... when photographed from the proper angle the Matterhorn looks to be a part of the mountain background!

Anonymous said...

As dreemfinder said, the building is the one overlooking Gepetto's village. Just look near the upper left of the shot and you'll see it. Hmm... Walt seemed to have a thing for the Alps...

Anonymous said...

the third photo is amazingly cool. the skyway looks like it's part of the scene!