Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tinker Bell Toy Shop, October 1969

Here are a few nice views of the Tinker Bell (not Tinkerbell!) Toy Shop in Fantasyland, from the last few months of the 1960's. Unlike some parts of Fantasyland, this area had a number of nice storefronts (like Merlin's Magic Shop). Check out the architectural details.

Look at the beautiful painted "carved" columns and beams, the "bullseyes" on the leaded glass windows, and even the shingles over the doorway. Fantasyland would finally get the full treatment in 1983, when we saw the flat painted "medieval fair" facades removed and replaced with similarly rich details throughout the entire land. Incidentally, does anyone know if the "wood" that we see in the photo is actually wood? Or is it fiberglass cleverly painted with faux wood grain?

The window is full of Winnie the Pooh stuff...plush versions of Kanga and Eeyore and a somewhat off-model Tigger (actually he just looks like a generic toy tiger). You can also see what appears to be a matted Winnie the Pooh cel.

I zoomed in on the interior and lightened it up a bit for a tantalizing glimpse inside. Who wouldn't want to stroll in and explore the shelves and racks full of books, toys, and other goodies!


Daveland said...

Thanks for the closeup of the interior; I think I can almost make out the price tags, and it sure beats ebay! Wow!

Adam Hazlett said...

I think I can see "Owl" in the window as well? Or a stuffed owl toy much like the tiger, and is that a little blue Eeyore?