Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rainbow Ridge, March 1958

Welcome back to Rainbow Ridge, folks! Today we'll get two nice detailed views of the little minin' town circa 1958. I love all of the decorative signage, props, and architectural styles that made this such a vivid memory for so many people. Of course there was the intricate soundtrack as well, with sounds coming from the saloon and the barber shop.

Looks like a miner or homesteader could find just about anything they needed in Rainbow Ridge. Potbellied stoves, tailored clothing, six-shooters, a shave and a haircut, and even some entertainment at the Opera House or the Palace.

In a way the Rainbow Ridge is like a scaled-up example of a miniature model railroad, with the kind of details that a particularly obsessed hobbyist would these photos is still has a toy-like effect.

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Matterhorn1959 said...

Great analogy to the model railroad layout. Walt Disney and his imagineers were just like hobbyists with a large layout and the budget to "plus" the scale model railroad. Rainbow Ridge views are some of my favorite views.