Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Disneyland Railroad, 1956

Here comes the E.P. Ripley, pulling five bright yellow passenger cars! I'm guessing that the train just left the Main Street Station and is heading towards Frontierland Station (I think the parking lot is just beyond the berm).

In this 1956 shot, you can see that there are two parallel tracks. In the early days, the E.P. Ripley only loaded at Main Street Station, while the C.K. Holliday only loaded at Frontierland Station. The trains could pass each other at sidings around the two stations.

I am puzzled by the roadway that is running directly towards us. It almost looks like a backstage service road, but it seems that the public could walk along it if they wanted to.

I just read that the E.P. Ripley's firebox was converted to burn biodiesel in January of this year. Also, in March 2006 the Ripley was displayed at the annual "Fullerton Railroad Days" in Fullerton, California. This was the first time any of the locomotives has been displayed at a public event off-site.

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Anonymous said...

The roadway is probably the same route taken by walking guests from Holidayland into the park itself. Holidayland would be to our right.