Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dixieland in Disneyland

There is nothing like the sound of real live Dixieland music as you walk through the streets of New Orleans Square. Here's a nice photo of the Royal Street Bachelors, they all buy their glasses from the same place! Check out the Goofy sticker on the banjo. As far as I know, the Bachelors are no longer at Disneyland. Did the lineup change over the years like Menudo (the Latin pop sensation)? A friend of mine often complains about the absence of real Dixieland jazz in NOS these days.

Next is shot of the good old Disneyland Band, circa 1956. They're all gathered around the flagpole, and it looks like it's late afternoon (judging by the long shadows)...I wonder if the flag is being lowered already? In the background we see the Opera House and the Bank of America.

If you put your ear against the monitor of your computer, you will be able to hear both of these bands playing. It works for me anyway!


Merlinsguy said...

Nice. Seeing the old Bank of America in the background makes me want to virturally travel inside it. That, and the Carnation soda counter.

Tinker Bell said...

I miss the Bachelors, but I miss that tap dancing guy the most. He was awesome! Both were so great for area talent.

Unknown said...

There's Bernie again! (My father-in-law) He's playing the clarinet on the far left. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Bernie passed away last year (2006).