Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Gallimaufry

It's clearance Sunday! Everything half price, no reasonable offer will be refused. Plenty of free parking, balloons for the kids.

Hidden somewhere in a corner of Disneyland is this delightful castle. It's one of the "lost secrets of Disneyland". I believe that it is called Sleeping Beauty's Krazy Kastle. Not sure if it's still there today. Forced perspective makes it appear larger than it really is (actual height, 11 feet tall).

It's winter time...the trees are bare, ladies are wearing overcoats and some smart men are wearing tinfoil-lined hats. But everyone still wants to ride the Mark Twain, you couldn't hardly squeeze another soul onto that upper deck, by the looks of things. They are up there because of the free churros.

And finally here's a mountain lion. He looks kinda angry, but trust me, he's just lonesome. Maybe if he bathed more often and learned a few "knock knock" jokes he would be more popular. It worked for me.


Matterhorn1959 said...

Maybe the mountain lion can join Toastmasters? Or read Dale Carnegie's books? Great post.

Anonymous said...

Tinfoil lining those felt hats? -wow- The things you learn on this blog about the Fedora Generation.

-Katella Gate

Anonymous said...

Someone a few weeks ago was asking about the 'directional signs' that were in the park for a few short months in 1956...
That first photo has a great example of the sign for Fantasyland. Thanks for posting it.

Connie Moreno said...

How the hell did I not know about the free churros?