Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tomorrowland Skyway Station

There's nothing like a nice sunny day and a blue sky full of puffy clouds to help make a day at Disneyland extra special. Sometimes you find otherwise nice photos taken on an overcast day, and you can feel the difference.

Take a look at that rare Santa Fe & Disneyland RR poster! It's a beauty...wish I had one. Or better yet, two! I like how they used the tinker-toy light fixtures as poster displays.

To the left is the Autopia loading area...wish I could see it a bit better, since there appears to be large piles of earth if you look through the railing. The Autopia did undergo a number of landscape modifications, maybe this is just the addition of the many hills that were not there when the attraction first opened.


thepicklebarrel said...

wow...that's a shot!

i'm glad i can say i do have one of those posters.

it's absolutely stunning in person but they never look as good as they did in the park!

that's the kind of pic that would be great to blow up to wall size and paste behind you work desk!

Matterhorn1959 said...

I agree with you major, the Train poster is one of the neatest ones. I also like the light posts and would love to reconstruct one of them one day...

DisneyDutchman said...

Major this is absolutely one beautiful Pic!! The poster, the skyway, the autopia, and how about that Eagle, Awsome!! When the autopia opened in '55 the Eagle was mounted on the east end of the roof and later repositioned to the west end shown in this pic. Does anybody know why this was done? DD

Major Pepperidge said...

disneydutchman, I am guessing that when the Skyway station was built, they moved the eagle to the west end because that east corner of the roof would have felt somewhat crowded. See my August 13 picture!

perkypickle, I have only seen three real Santa Fe & Disneyland RR posters, one in horrible condition. One owned by a friend! It's super rare, for sure.