Monday, September 11, 2006

Adventureland Beauty, 1964

This lovely wahine is beckoning weary travelers into the Adventureland Bazaar in this 1964 image (from a stereo slide). Who knows what exotic wonders are to be found inside this picturesque store? Rubber snakes...shrunken heads...colorful shirts...trinkets galore! And just look at the selection of fashionable hats available outside. The tall cone-shaped number is mine!


Matterhorn1959 said...

I think I will go for the cone shaped orange colored hat! (I think they took that hat and are now selling it as a safety cone hat as part of the Autopia Winners Circle store.) And she is a very lovely Wahine in a great dress. I wonder if during the evening she moonlighted as a Tahitian Terrace Dancer.

perkypickle said...

see what i mean!!!

disneyland sold sex! if that isn't a red-light district technique for pulling in the day's catch, i don't know what is!

great shot...