Thursday, September 07, 2006

Submarine Departure, 3-23-60

Here's a neat look at the Patrick Henry leaving the dock for an adventure through liquid space. It's kind of an unusual view, although it was clearly taken from the'd think there would be plenty of others just like it, but it's the only one I have!

I loved the elegantly simple effect achieved by going through a storm of bubbles, as a kid I was convinced that we were really diving. Nevermind that seconds later you could still see the surface shimmering just above you! I guess the "suspension of disbelief" was in full force for me.

There's the Yacht Bar in the background, probably a good place to grab a burger or hot dog. During what little research I manage to do for this blog, I discovered that September 6th (yesterday!), was the 40th anniversary of the closing of the old Yacht Bar.

I will be happy to see the submarines up and running again as of next year, the Nemo theme could be fun. But I still miss the classic voyage!


Mojave33 said...

I'm pretty sure that photo is taken from the Monorail platform, not the skyway, which is definitely not that low.

Matterhorn1959 said...

I would agree with Mojave33. It appears the Monorail was quite crowded and the photographer was standing in line and snapped this shot. And it is a great shot with wonderful color. I too am excited to have the Subs back and hope the Nemo effects are great. I have faith in Mr. Lasseter that he will make it neat.

perkypickle said...

i dunno guys...i'm sure nemo is something people are looking forward to BUT, what does a clown fish a have to do with Tomorrow?

with all the changes going on in management at disney, i still don't think they get it. Tomorrowland is supposed to showcase a promising get kids excited about the future.

that doesn't mean dull. it just means each land is supposed to offer something unique that fits within the thematic category of that land.

all this will do is water (pun) Tomorrowland down even further.

Walt's gotta be spinning in his ice cube!

perkypickle said...

hey major..

i'm doing a post today on snow white's adventure. would it be possible to use an image you posted back in july of the queue area? the queue is what i'm specifically posting about.

DisneyDutchman said...

Thanks Major!! I've been trying to figure out what that building was for about two weeks - and you post a blog about it! DD

Tangaroa said...

Jordan - you have a point, but then again, what did America Sings have to do with tomorrow? I'd replace Innoventions with that again in a heartbeat!