Monday, September 25, 2006

Tomorrowland, August 1968

Yep, it's Tomorrowland as it looked 38 years ago. Look, there's some kind of ride that moves people, but I forget its name. And there's the Autopia, Carousel of Progress, Rocket Jets, and the beamway for the Monorail is visible. There's even a few Skyway buckets. LOTS going on, it really was a "land on the move".

This is kind of an unusual angle, but you really get a sense of the way the various tracks weave over and under each other...I wonder if the Peoplemover went uphill out of necessity, or to prove that it was capable of doing so (since there was some small hope that this system might actually be adopted in cities), or just because it made the ride cooler.


Mojave33 said...

I say all three. Necessity for sure: not the yellow cars in the distance are going over the Skyway and the blue cars on the right just went over the Monorail. I used to call that particular downhill part the most violent ride at Disneyland. Anyone who experienced the bumps and sways of that section knows exactly what I mean.

Still, the PeopleMover was my favorite ride in the 70's and 80's after Pirates and Haunted Mansion. Please let them do the right thing and bring it back!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Wow- those are the older style Autopia cars. I thought the Mark VII had come into use by this date. I too was a big fan of the Peoplemover. It was a great way to just sit and cruise and people watch while in motion. I don't have much hope of them rebuilding it, but maybe something else just as cool may go on the beamway?