Sunday, November 12, 2023


It's that time again - time for some SNOOZLES. First up is this scan of a too-dark slide dated "July 1964", a mother and daughter are enjoying their lunch in the grotto behind the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship. You got yer shade, the sound of splashing water (from nearby Skull Rock), and delicious tuna-based cuisine. Don't mind the girl, even if she IS giving us the evil eye.

I wanted a closer look at those paper cups, but they appear to be generic. However, to the right of the girl's hand is a 1963 gate handout...

Just like this one!

Next is another too-dark photo (from November of 1974) of some Jungle Cruise boats that were given the day off. Even boats need a holiday.  For some reason I find it amusing that the Suwannee river was included in the Jungle Cruise, along with what seem like more appropriate tropical names like the Orinoco, the Amazon, the Mekong, the Ganges, the Zambezi, and so on. Then again, there was also the "Kissimmee Kate" boat.


Nanook said...

HERE's an image of the placemat seen on the trays.

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

The girl is little Damien's sister. SHE'S SEEN US! Our fate is sealed. No use trying to escape; we're doomed!
Besides orange slices, what are they eating? Was it really "tuna-based"? I can't tell. We rarely get a glimpse of this tucked-away grotto, much less a clear, close up view like this. It may be a Snoozle, but it's still unusual.

In the Handout: Look out! That spaceman has a gun! And don't be fooled by his friendly appearance, he's just itchin' to use it on anything that moves!

Jungle Boats: What is that pointy thing sticking up from behind the thatched roof in the background? A decorative spear?
And I just noticed for the first time, those two round holes in the Suwannee Lady's canvas canopy. The look glassy; are they lights for nighttime cruises?

Nanook, I'm thrilled to know "The Secret" of the Pirate Ship's tuna burgers: Use Chicken of the Sea brand tuna! [smacks forehead] All this time I was using Starkist tuna and wondering why it never tasted right... now I know!

Pretty good Snoozles this week, Major. Thanks.

TokyoMagic! said...

You got yer......delicious tuna-based cuisine

Mmmmmmm! I want a tuna hot fudge sundae!

I think that girl is channeling a young Sandra Bullock. A young angry Sandra Bullock. At least she won't be getting small pox.

Bu said...

I was wondering what Princess Margaret was doing on her "off time" from her stays on "Mustique" she has picked up a local urchin for press purposes: "see: I am a family gal!". Angry Damienana does not seem to be enjoying her day with HRH. Probably, she wants to go back to her treehouse on Lemon Ave, where HRH PM picked her up. That being said: a rollicking Sunday for sure! It's interesting that the word 'Disneyland" is used in a variety of fanciful fonts: this brochure (pronounced BRO-CURE by guests (really) one being one of them. I am wondering when they put the law down and said "use this one: ONLY!" It seems that surrounding ho/motels did the same things with their fanciful Disneyland fonts "just a stones throw away from fabulous Disneyland" (insert non-copywrited font here.) The art is fantastic on here, and I think people would enjoy it today. It's interesting that the evolution of Disneyland no longer requires instruction. Just like the "normal" guided tours which are also "bye bye". Do you even get a non-branded parking ticket when you enter the parking lot that is oh-so-unconvieniently located? The protocol of giving guests a parking receipt, AND some sort of guidebook/etc. seems to be something that would be a low-cost no-brainer. And also gives the kiddie winkies something to do, as you are trekking the trek over to the main gate through the Magic of Paul Presslers retail extravaganza. (perhaps it was someone else, I am speculating: Downtown Disney is taxing...). Not only do you exit through the gift shop, you enter through it too! Very unnerving. It's interesting that I would NEVER consider walking from West St. to the Main Gate is actually pretty far. As much as I do not like seeing Disneyland out of context (Main Gate as the first act) I feel like I would be better served riding the Monorail in. I am a traditionalist, but also a Lazyanist...will have to think that one out. I won't get tired of my message and say that the Jungle Cruise boats should not have been Indy-fied. The whimsy gives a psychological comfort that the new boats do not have. The cushions as well. This is like a table without a tablecloth: "no". I like to complain, but it's only for the good of mankind. Thanks Major for the heffalumps and Snoozles(tm)!

Dean Finder said...

JB, I'm more concerned about the shipwreck guy's attack parrot than the spaceman's sidearm. That bird is eyeing us like he's getting ready to strike.

After looking at that placemat, I want to find some "fine fillet tuna" and make my own Tunaburgers to see what all the excitement is.

JG said...

I would give half my kingdom for a tuna sandwich in the old Pirate Grotto.

Of course, I don’t actually have a kingdom, so the point is moot, but I do really miss that spot.

You can just make out the little plastic sword toothpick, and the food comes in plastic rowboat-shaped dishes. I used to save those toothpicks. I still have several, but I doubt they date back to this era since they are still in production, and are kept with my tiki bar swizzle stick collection.

Thanks for the placemat link, Nanook. I know what I’m getting for lunch on Monday.

JB, those are night lights in the canopy. I have a kid memory that we rode the JC at night (1970?) and the boats had lights. Generally disappointing ride, maybe the lighting is better now. JC is a daytime ride, imho. I feel sorry for the elephants and hippos working 16-18 hour days. I hope they get tuna on breaks.

The brochure is sure cute, it’s reduced to an iPhone splash screen now.


JG said...

Forgot to say thank you to Major P. Thank you!


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, nice. I have a few Disneyland placemats, and have even seen those Chicken of the Sea examples on eBay, but for some reason I’ve never bought one. Maybe next time!

JB, I think I can make out a 666 birthmark, but I’m sure it’s nothing to be worried about. Mom might have a tuna burger, while the plate to the left might be a tuna salad. I love that handout, and the four others that are sort of in the series of that style, I should scan them for GDB! The pointy thing does look spear-like, but I think it might be associated with the outrigger canoe to the extreme right. I’m not sure about the lights on the side, the last time I did the Jungle Cruise at night they used a spotlight that swiveled, but I think there were also “always on” lights on the roof.

TokyoMagic!, don’t knock it until you try it! Maybe it will be the new taste sensation. “Taylor Swift loves it!”. Why is young Sandy so angry??

Bu, Princess Margaret was a “pip”, as my grandpa used to say. I like that she was a bit scandalous. I’m sure someone could catch me scowling, or at least not smiling (same thing?) for most of the day. I only smile when I am trying to con people out of their money. Fun! I think that kooky Disneyland font was first used in 1959, and they used it on these “Welcome” flyers for five years. I appreciate that there is no Mickey or Tink or Elsa or Anna. What do you mean that “normal” guide tours are “bye-bye”? I’ve only taken the Monorail into Disneyland once, when they made us park in an outer lot. It was sort of fun, but I missed the whole experience of talking through the front gate, going beneath the tunnel, and emerging into Town Square. It really felt weird to not do that! I’m with you, I am not crazy about the “Indy-fied” boats, but once I’m on board, I don’t think about it too much.

Dean Finder, parrot owners love to take their parrots everywhere they go, I’ve learned this over the years. I guess it’s nice, since parrots are so smart. Give them some stimulation. As for tuna… I think I’ll have some for lunch! From Trader Joe’s, I’m sorry to say.

Major Pepperidge said...

JG, well, you commented while I was commenting! Looking back, I feel like my family was unaware that the tuna boat was a restaurant. We just walked past it, sort of admiring its beauty, but we never went inside. Maybe my parents thought it was a ride that required a precious ticket? No idea. I could ask my mom but she wouldn’t remember those trips so long ago. I barely do myself. Good eye on the plastic sword pick, but it looks like the one closest to us goes through a round black thing. Not sure what that is. Thanks for the info about the night lights! And you’’re welcome!

Anonymous said...

Bu, are you saying that the usual DL tours - like what you did in the 80s - are ‘done away with’?! If that’s the case, I wonder why ‘they’ get all bent-outta-shape when friends want to do their own little tours, now.

Thanks, Major, I like these pictures.


Anonymous said...

Always used spotlights to light up the scenes as well as lights on the boats which really didn't project out that much. The JC was a much different attraction at night. And the jungle sounds were MUCH more effective as well. Great for good storytelling as a JC skipper. Sometimes we'd turn the boat lights off for a greater effect. KS


JG: I’ve been saving cocktail swords and purchasing new ones for years … not long ago I sat down and compared actually luncheon swords from Disneyland’s Tuna Grotto …. And NONE of the others both vintage or recent production match the Disneyland ones … !! Did Disneyland have them specially made ?? Possibly…. But I wouldn’t think so. But the fact after 25 + years I’ve found none that match the Chicken of the Sea Cove versions …. The Disneyland ones hade a much larger foil ( the handle shield that protects the hand) and so far all seem to be of a bone white color …. Major : I know you have sone : hade you ever seen these same swords from outside of Disneyland ?

JG said...

Mike, I don’t have any cocktail pick swords that I can definitely connect to the Pirate Ship, Time and Memory have conspired to erase all the connections but that one. I don’t recall any Disneyland sword picks in an ivory color, all I recall are red, green etc. like the ones we might get in a cocktail now.

If you have ivory ones, maybe those date from a time after I stopped visiting, or I don’t remember them. I’m glad you have those. I wish I could be sure mine came from the Park, but my equivalent of Majors boxes are not well documented.

Major, I think the “round black thing” might be an olive (Lindsay type) or maybe Pluto’s nose.