Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Glass Slides, 1960-ish

We've seen a few slides from today's batch before, these are in glass mounts, unusual by 1960-ish (my guesstimate). 

In spite of the obvious flaws, I do love this first photo, showing Main Street all decked out for Christmas. Wreaths and garlands aplenty, and appropriate as we slide into December! To the right, a chipmunk waves to us, he seems friendly enough, though he does look a little disreputable with that hat cocked to one side. 

Well. Just look at all those red articles of clothing! Perhaps my guesstimate was off? These might be from 1957, the Year of the Tomato. Well, not really, but it sounded good. Don't give me a hard time! This is a swell view of the little mining town of Rainbow Ridge, where you'll catch the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train (if this truly is '57). I sure would love to see that early mine train ride! 


Nanook said...

You're right about that "chipmunk" looking a bit 'disreputable'. With his hat positioned at a 'jaunty' angle - he looks as though he just came from, or is heading to, a flop house-!

As for the Rainbow Ridge image - I distinctly see a dark green paint scheme - indicating a Rainbow Caverns Mine Train as opposed to the Western Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland, which opened on May 28, 1960. That image is definitely from the 1950's. Enjoy the seasonal red.

Thanks, Major.

JB said...

Major, the chipmunk's (Dale, right? He's the one with the red nose?) hat has to be cocked to one side because it wouldn't fit on his head otherwise; not enough room between his ears. So he has to wear his hat over one ear. Dale looks a bit primitive here; more like a generic chipmunk, rather than a Disney character.
Are those two men on the left edge of the photo security guards? Next to them, the guy in the light blue shirt is smacking his forehead, "I coulda had a V8!"
There's something about the garlands and wreaths strung across the street that looks very authentic, very hometown-ish.

At least three of those red articles of clothing are being worn by Mine Train CMs. But yes, there IS a lot red here. And the clothing styles do seem to be of fifties vintage rather than sixties, so I would agree with your 1957 guess.
The ride looks very busy today!

Nanook, another vote for the fifties!

Nice images, Major. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love the Main Street Christmas pic! Disreputable Dale just puts it right over the top! My home town is Denison, Texas, and our Christmas decorations looked very close to these! Ah, the sweet sweet memories!

Andrew said...

I looked at the first image for a second before I realized how funny Dale looks chilling against the lamp post. Love it! The "Town Square East" street sign just below the lamp is really cool too. Thanks Major!

TokyoMagic! said...

In the first pic, we can see that three dimensional Castle thingy, hanging below the bay window, to the left of the Crystal Arcade. There is a famous pic of Walt standing under that thing. I've always wondered how long it was there, because I don't think I ever seen any other photos of it....until now! And didn't the window directly above that, have Walt's father's name on it?

JG said...

This could be as early as 1957, as the use of the fancy trash cans has been established by that date, and possibly earlier.

Thanks everyone for the nice responses to my lame joke about Hans a few days back.

I’ve been traveling and haven’t had my regular GDB minutes, and Blogger ate yesterday’s comment.

Thank you Major, and you should cross the street to avoid that chipmunk, he might be a pickpocket!


Chuck said...

100% concur on the 1950s date for these photos. Aside from the green locomotive and ore cars, you can also see the original configuration of Rainbow Ridge with the stamp mill, before the tunnel portal was pushed back and the Opera House and the Mule Train load area backdrop buildings were added.

I think that chipmunk beat me up once in junior high.

JB, unless the color is off, I am positive those two gentlemen in the first photo are security hosts. At that time, they wore a one-color, long-sleeved uniform in winter, very similar to the concurrent Air Force working uniform but in a darker shade.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, the chipmunk probably just came from Goldie’s over at Knott’s! Funny, I didn’t see the Mine Train at all, I knew that the color of the locomotive would be a useful clue.

JB, I would just put the hat on top of both ears if I was a chipmunk. Something I think about a lot in the wee hours of the morning. I would also only eat pecans, and not peanuts, which are so common. I personally like the slightly primitive costumes of those early years, but it’s the creepiness that appeals to me. Go figure. I somehow don’t think those two guys are security guards. As for V8, I always dream of the weird tin can flavored tomato beverage (I’m sure it isn’t so tinny any more). There are at least seven non-CM pieces of red clothing, so I’m feeling like 1957 would be a good guess.

Stu29573, yes, I love that that Christmas decorations on Main Street (in those days) looked exactly like the kind you might find on a real small-town Main Street.

Andrew, I think Dale is waiting for his bookie. “A nickel on Tanglefoot to show!”. I agree, that Town Square East sign is nice, I assume they no longer have signs like that.

TokyoMagic!, man, I would nave NEVER noticed that castle thingy! Good eye. Now I’m going to have to look for it in older Main Street photos! I’m not sure where Elias Disney’s name is located, but somebody else will know!

JG, I think (but am not sure) that we saw a few fancy trashcans in one or two possibly-1955 photos not that long ago. Which would throw the whole science off! But that’s how science works, you get new data, etc. Safe travels! I wanted to send you a photo of the tiki at the Tiki Hut in Morro Bay, but he wasn’t out on display for some reason.

Chuck, thanks for the info about the stamp mill, which I was unaware of. Ditto the moving of the tunnel entrance. You know that chipmunk smokes cigars, and extra-stinky ones too. And I guess I was wrong about the two security guys (sorry JB!), they were keeping an eye on the chipmunk.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a Fifties theme here today. There was something charming in the Christmas look on Main Street, which actually wasn't dissimilar to what was put up in my town during that time. Of course the Mine Train costume continued with the red-shirted look up until its demise in 1976. I'll go out on a limb here...that CM at the turnstile sure looks like Ron Dominguez. KS

Major Pepperidge said...

KS, I agree, Walt and the Imagineers were going for the "REAL small town Christmas" vibe, rather than the sparkles and eye-popping decor that guests apparently want today. I wouldn't mind a simpler look, with some Bing Crosby playing over the PA system!

Dean Finder said...

Major, Disney has music of that style playing in the Parks. Though it's in the Buena Vista Street area of Disney California Adventure: