Monday, November 27, 2023

Matterhorn From Skyway, November 1974

I believe that both of today's scans could have been taken from the top floor of the Carousel of Progress building - or should I say, the "America Sings" building, as that attraction had debuted on June 29th, 1974. What I don't personally remember is if guests could walk out onto the outer walkway when America Sings was there, or if the view was only available from guests riding the Peoplemover. I know YOU guys will know.

Regardless, it's a very nice view of the Matterhorn, taken in the afternoon, with plenty of Tomorrowland goodness. The Autopia, the Monorail, the Skyway, and the Peoplemover, all for your viewing pleasure. A climber can be seen at the summit, they usually climb in pairs so I guess the other guy fell off. Hard facts! 

Let's zoom in and take a look at how busy the park was! It must have been a bit chilly (being November), and possibly on a weekend, or during the holiday break. 

Here's a second, slightly less-interesting shot, though it is always trippy to see the Skyway below us. What witchcraft is this?


JB said...

Are we sure that the piece dirt on the slide isn't the second Mountaineer? ;-) Not sure how he would've gotten so far away from the Matterhorn. Maybe there are no climbers... just crows.
This is a nice photo, like you said Major, lots of stuff going on here.

It appears that the last photo was taken before the first photo (it involves four-dimensional tesseracts and stuff). At least, if the red PeopleMover train is traveling from right to left.
That might be one of Fudgie's tail flukes we see in both of today's images. But I'm not sure... so I wont mention it.

Nice Tomorrowland pics, Major. Thanks.

TokyoMagic! said...

Both photos would have been taken from a PeopleMover train, as it exited the America Sings building. The audience for America Sings entered and exited on the ground floor and at that point in time, guests were no longer allowed on the second level of the building. Today they can go up there if they pay $125 dollars, but in exchange, they are given five grapes, four crackers, a dollop of cheese, and a Dolly Madison Zinger®

I think the second mountain climber had already gone through the hatch at the top of the Matterhorn, and was changing into a Tinkerbell costume. This is back in the days when Tinkerbell used to "fly" in the daylight.

TokyoMagic! said...

I probably should have said that the second pic was taken as the PeopleMover train exited the America Sings building, and the first pic was taken very shortly after it exited and crossed over the Skyway wires.

Anonymous said...

Yes! What a great view!

I remember the PM spiel commented on going over the top of the Skyway, as if that was the highest point possible.

If that dust speck isn’t the second climber (Hans), then it might be the Autopia Eagle. If it is the second climber, then Otto, the first climber, will be saying “Look Ma! No Hans!”

Yes, we could visit the upper deck of the carousel building, after exiting Progress City, you came out into the sunshine to the brilliant view of a real Progress City before you, the last act of the show.

After America Sings, the upper deck was closed until “Innoventions”, I think.

Thanks Major!


K. Martinez said...

Now, That's Tomorrowland! I can feel the movement and energy.

Thanks, Major.

Nanook said...

@ JG-
"I remember the PM spiel commented on going over the top of the Skyway, as if that was the highest point possible." Indeed...

"As we emerge from the GE pavilion, we're riding along 34 feet above Tomorrowland - the highest point on the Peoplemover - looking down over the Skyway buckets..."

Thanks, Major.


Actually the 1974 PeopleMover narration for this zone is “and now the Goodyear PeopleMover becomes a Highway -in -the -sky , taking you over the SKWAY for a panoramic view of Tomorrowland”

Technically on the PeopleMover narration .. neither the Dick Wesson or the later Jack Wagner and BJ (betty Jane) Ward versions ever mentioned the 34 foot height …. But a Goodyear executive pre opening preview slide show did. This narration uses two narrators and has some elements later used in the first attraction recorded narration . The slide show also used some of the GO GO GOODYEAR PeopleMover Station music recorded , but unused like a DIXIELAND , HAWAIIN ROCK, and an alternate JAZZ arrangement … only the MARCH , BOSSANOVA and one of the JAZZ versions were used.


Oh also a version of GO GO GOODYEAR with vocals was recorded with the second JAZZ version , but not played in the PeopleMover station …. The same group of singers provided the “GO GO GOODYEAR !!!!” Crescendo to the narration as the PeopleMover approached the first exit zone …. And this would be heard over and over by guests walking toward the first exit down ramp …. And because of this the station overhead music only featured instrumentals so there wouldn’t be a cacophony of GO GO GOODYEAR vocals over each other .

Nanook said...

Thanks for all the info. I have a vague memory of the first version, but definitely remember the 1974 version.

Major Pepperidge said...

JB, I almost “cloned out” that dot in the sky, but I think it is a bird, so I left it. Old habits die hard, though. I think the red Peoplemover train was moving from left to right, but as always, I would not be surprised if I am mistaken. And I thought that Fudgie was to the right of that waterfall??

TokyoMagic!, thank you for the info, it makes more sense to have the photo taken from the Peoplemover. I wonder if there was ever a plan to still allow guests up to the top of the Carousel Theater during the “America Sings” days? I’d like to go up to that top level today, but I wouldn’t pay $125. I wouldn’t even pay $25. I guess I’m a cheapo. Did the climbers also double as Tink???

TokyoMagic!, yes, you should have said that, and now I am going to sue somebody for something. I’ll figure out the details later!

JG, I’m surprised that the Peoplemover was at its highest point when it was above the Skyway - it seemed higher further along the track. But… why would they lie? “Look Ma! No Hans!”. You should be ashamed of yourself. Also, good one. It’s so strange that the powers-that-be did away with several features that allowed guests to get a good view from up high, I wonder why?

K. Martinez, it was the best!

Nanook, 34 feet?? That’s almost a mile!

Mike Cozart, I used to have many variations of Peoplemover spiels, though I lost a bunch in a big hard drive disaster. Have backups of your backups, folks! I’m sure I had audio of that pre-opening preview, from those exciting days when I would use Napster (or Limewire) to hunt for rare Disney ride spiels and music. It was fun! There are still some things that I have not been able to find even though you’d think that everything would be out there in Internet Land.

Mike Cozart, I wonder if that jazz version was available on those kiosks that used to let guests make custom CDs?

Nanook, I remember putting on my socks this morning, and that’s about it.

JB said...

JG, I got a nice chuckle out of your "no Hans" joke. Thank you.

Major, it's been so long since we've seen the spunky whale, I can't remember exactly where he lives. I thought he was behind the waterfall?

Omnispace said...

No one has yet to mention the camouflaged Skyway tower!! ...well, maybe because it's painted with different colors to blend in. Those people standing in line for the Submarines are almost bumping into it!

Major, no worries about the pics being out of order. It's not like blowing out the birthday candles and THEN making a wish.

Btw, the best part of getting to the upper floor of Carousel Of Progress was walking up onto the stage and taking the Speedramp! And JG is right, the best final act of COP was looking out over Tomorrowland from the upper level.

Major Pepperidge said...

JB, it's true, Fudgie has been particularly shy lately. My memory might be faulty!

Omnispace, I suppose that IS a form of camouflage... sort of like the old dazzle ships! It breaks up the outline. Or something. I like to make a wish before blowing out the candles, and another afterwards, just in case. You never know. I never really thought about how people got to the upper level of the COP building, but I know that at the World's Fair there was a ramp, so I guess there was one at Disneyland too.


MAJOR: none of the GO GO GOODYEAR PeopleMover tracks were ever released to the public since Disney does not own that tune despite Buddy Baker having recorded them for use at Disneyland .

With the exception of THE MONORAIL song - none of the PeopleMover music was ever released by Disney as it was licensed broadcast production music from Capitol Records Media Music … so Disney couldn’t sell copies of it. One of the reasons there was no PeopleMover offerings on DISNEYLAND FOREVER CD machines. A track was created to be sold but incorrectly included some Disneyland and some Disney World PeopleMover music … the track arrangement was used on the Disneyland 50th gallery background music .

The MONORAIL SONG an and b recorded for the wonderful world of Disney was the PeopleMover BGM from 1967 to 1976 … when the attraction reopened for 1977 it then featured the newer Capitol Records tracks ( that can still be heard today over at Autopia)

The MONORAIL song from Disneyland was added to the music for the Florida WEDWAY PeopleMover as track # 1. The rest is also selections from the Capitol Records media music … but Disneyland and WDW used different tracks .

"Lou and Sue" said...

Great views, thanks, Major. Tomorrowland at its best.

Thanks, Mike, for all that interesting PM info.

TM! Thank you for that Tinkerbell info. hee hee

JB, I do think those are Fudgie's flukes.

Nanook said...

"Nanook, I remember putting on my socks this morning, and that’s about it".

You wear socks-??!! Boy, am I impressed-!

TokyoMagic! said...

Sorry, Major! I was joking about the mountain climbers portraying Tinkerbell. And as far as I know, Tinkerbell has only flown at night!