Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Tahitian Terrace, March 1981

Photos of the general Adventureland area seem to be rather scarce - if guests did reach for their cameras, they usually did so on the Jungle Cruise, or else they took pictures of the exterior of the Enchanted Tiki Room, or of the Swiss Family Treehouse. So I welcomed these nice images, even if they are from 1981. The color is great, and Adventureland looks very inviting.

In this first shot, we have the ol' Tiki Room in the distance, with the Tahitian Terrace to the right of that, and in the foreground, a souvenir stand where guests could buy woven handbags, hats (for protection against the blazing tropical sun), and who knows what else. Rubber snakes? Shrunken heads! The best souvenir of all, even Grandma would love one hanging from her rearview mirror.

Our photographer thoughtfully took this nice picture of the sign outside of the Tahitian Terrace! Stouffers had been the sponsor since 1962 (when the Terrace debuted), but then Kikkoman took over. Guests could get all the ice-cold soy sauce they could drink! I'm enjoying the odd mix of Asian and African (and Polynesian?) decorations on the sign and dangling from the building itself. Is that a Zuni fetish doll just beneath the stylized buffalo head in the upper right?


TokyoMagic! said...

Karen Black......WATCH OUT!

I love this corner of Adventureland, before Aladdin showed up and ruined it. It's too bad that when they finally decided to bulldoze his Oasis, they didn't just bring back Tahitian Terrace.

That man in the first pic is holding one too many purses!

Melissa said...

I wonder if this is where that lady in the turquoise dress and shoes from the other day got her embellished woven purse?

I have a great fondness for pictures of signage, and this is a particularly fine example! The color scheme is very striking.

Bu said...

Talk about "they ruin everything"...Tahitian Terrace was such an awesome place for a "night out" on a busy Summer day. Water, fire, half dressed people...who could ask for more? The food was alright as well. Who doesn't love teriyaki everything?! There is the old Walt story about him sitting at every table in the restaurant as it was being built and ordered the tree be raised as the people in back couldn't see the stage. It was great to hear the Jungle Cruise going on just steps away as you nibbled away on something with pineapple on it, or drank your purple juice. You would think with all of the crazy attendance numbers these days they would want another waiter service restaurant somewhere. I get the show being "not economically feasible", but there are ways, right? Anyway...I've said my peace. Adventureland merchandising was a bit weird, and there were those giant barrels with rubber snakes and shrunken heads- that people actually did buy, and I suppose now those barrels are filled with plush Mickey heads or some other plush thing. Well- give the the people what they want. Themed merchandising was always so charming and interesting. Maybe if this Jungle Cruise, The Movie, does well we can look forward to seeing The Rock iconified in his own plush replica?

Nanook said...

@ TM!-
That man is a fashionista, so there is no limit to the number of purses he can grab. Is that woman standing under the Kikkoman sign the official ‘greeter’ for Adventureland, as she waves to passers by-?

Thanks, Major.

DrGoat said...

One of my favorite places to hang out, right from the first time went to the park in the late 50s. The other lands were wonderful of course, but it was the allure of the Bazaar, the Tahitian Terrace with the Polynesian dancers and the Jungle Cruise. And later on the Swiss Family Tree house and even way later on, asparagus wrapped in bacon from the Bengal Barbecue.
Fashionista indeed. Purple western shirt, funky hat, cowboy boots and all. I think that smaller brown purse might be a camera bag, not sure.
Thanks Major, including that beautiful expanse of greenish(?) pavement.

JG said...

Major, you have struck Adventureland gold! Gold, I say!

I always wanted a rubber snake from that stand and never got one.

Do you know when Kikkoman took over, or when they left? The era of these pics is square in the middle of my visit hiatus, but I do remember Kikkoman on that sign.

I wish we had visited the old TT, but never did. Nor did we visit Aladdin, in spite of the kids loving the film.

I’ve seen video of the Tropical Hideaway and I’m holding out hope that it won’t suck. Also saw a video of the revised Jungle Cruise. On the whole, I approve of the revisions, which were kept “Rock-free” and remain mostly witty, in the spirit of the original.

That man is just covering for the ladies in his group, who are all behind the rock formations.


Grant said...

I forgot about the shrunken heads. I wanted one so badly but mom would never let me have one. She did let me get rubber snakes but they weren't the same. An eight year old boy wants the creepiest thing he can get. :)

Nanook said...

@ JG-
My sources say October, 1977 was when Kikkoman began its sponsorship; but I can't verify that date. The Tahitian Terrace closed on April 17, 1993, to re-open as Aladdin's Oasis on July 1st of that year.

Anonymous said...

Passing by the TT on the way out of the jungle at night...with the show going...the chanting, dancing, drums. It all fit into the Adventureland theme. It was such fun to point out the dancers as they hopped along the rocks in the water to reach the back of the stage. As skippers, we'd point out the 'maidens' frolicking nearby along with ..."I'll be right over" or something along those lines. Everyone played along. And we were under strict orders to never point the spotlight at them, or into the water near them.. so not to blind them as they skipped from rock to rock. KS

Anonymous said...

@Nanook, thank you!

Assuming those dates are correct, then I could have seen the Kikkoman sponsorship on either end, as a student, or as a Dad.

I remember thinking it was a great combination, very appropriate.

@KS, thanks for that memory, was the only route for performers to go backstage across rock stepping stones? That would never fly today, of course.


Alonzo P Hawk said...

Wow the thought of drinking ice cold soy sauce sent my blood pressure up about 30 points! Then I flashed back to the hula dancers swaying to those jungle rhythms and "boom" another 30 points. Keep it up Major and I'll wind up in the hospital (or hostable as my kids used to call it).

Nice photos today, I do miss that place. Good place to relax and yet still feel a part of the (Adventure)land. All without the too pricey menu of the Blue Bayou.

TokyoMagic! said...

Nanook and Dr. Goat, in either case then, that man has just the right number of purses! And hats. And jackets. I wonder if he is waiting for people who went on the Jungle Cruise.....and thought it was a roller coaster?

"Lou and Sue" said...

LOVE everything about the Tahitian Terrace - including the comments here! KS, how can any other job compare to the JC fun you experienced?! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, Major!