Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sleeping Beauty Castle, July 1964

Today's photos are Dullsville, daddy-o! But that's why they're here on a Sunday, when all of you are out frolicking on the beach or at the local malt shop. It's two - TWO! - photos of the most-photographed castle of all, Sleeping Beauty Castle and Frozen Yogurteria. 

This first one had problems, as you can see by the red portion at the bottom of the photo; the film must have been exposed to light I suppose. I still insist that things were better before the "Partners" statue was in the spot where that little flower bed is. Guests are milling around, or sitting and resting their aching feet, watching the Horse Drawn Carriage pass by.

Our photographer panned up to make sure that there were no archers about to fire their crossbows at us (with flaming arrows!). It could happen.


K. Martinez said...

I like the second pic. It reminds me of the castle pics I'd see in periodicals during the early days of Disneyland when I was a kid.

Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

The black-haired lady sitting on the bench (to the right, in the first picture) definitely has style! Her dress, purse, shoes and knee-splotch, all coordinate very nicely.

On a side note, to KS: Just now I read all of Daveland's website Jungle Cruise comments, but couldn't find your sinking skiff story. You mentioned, the other day here on GDB, that it's on Daveland. Offhand, do you know exactly where I can find it? I must not be looking in the right place. (Thanks, KS!)

Thanks, Major!

TokyoMagic! said...

In the second pic, there is a little boy perched precariously atop the wall of the Castle bridge. And there is a woman behind him, about to push him off. She's pretending to point at something. I can just hear her now, "There's a baby swan right over there, Jimmy! You need to lean over just a little bit more to see it. A little more.....that's it."

Nanook said...

The photographer was concentrating on both the Kodak Picture Spot signage, and Tinker Bell's 'helper cable'. (Yes, I know she really flies, but...)

@ Sue-
That lady is definitely a fashionista, as her straw purse seems to be adorned with a bevy of seashells-? I remember those crazy things.

The kid's not falling for such nonsense-! He's focussed on the 'rare' black swans out for a swim.

Thanks, Major.

Bu said...

There seems to be a gaggle of shirts and ties to the left of the Castle..perhaps some walkthrough discussing why the castle seems to need more bright and psychedelic colors?- could this be where it started? Or's just dudes wearing shirts and ties and jackets to the Happiest Place on Earth in 1964? I agree that the hub is better without a statue. Walt make it very clear that there was to be no statue of him, but his kid gave the OK...however, I still don't think he would want it. That Partners statue seems to be a take on a old Charles Boyer (Creative Services) employee lithograph from 1980? 81? It was also called "Partners" I had one- (sold it). The Disneyland Employees Credit Union also became "Partners" after that lithograph. The statue in the hub blocks the castle and that's more of why I personally don't agree with it. All my Disney stock is long gone, so I don't get a vote. The olive trees in the hub are so pretty, and the landscaping team did such an amazing job pruning them so that they would zig zag and create amazing canopies- then the twinkle lights had more places to twinkle. The seasonal flowers were done so perfectly here too. Perhaps the hub is the last vestige of "taking a load off" that is left (?) Or is it all crazy there now too? I see in pic #1 is "ice cream 2"...or was it 4? (Blue umbrella on left.) This was a coveted spot. Not only did you have the balloon vendors to gab with, you also had a proliferance of sweepers and many many other employees making their way across the park. If you were a social butterfly, Outdoor Vending was the job to have- you saw everyone. Perhaps custodial was #2 in that department. When I trained in Casting later in my career I found out how they cast ODV and Sweepers: independent thinkers who can work most of the day without too much on-hand supervision. ODV was my first job, and at the time I thought it was not so glamorous. When I heard that statement (9 years later) I thought...oh...that all makes sense to me now. At 59, I now seem to need constant supervision!

JG said...

I like both pictures, the first one is busy with many interesting things to look at, and the second is more classic, focused on the Castle.

The are a number of arrow slits, both in the lower parapet and the upper towers, so the potential barrage of crossbow bolts would be intimidating. But, if we are all skewered by arrows, who will buy all that chow from ODV? Clearly, theming and marketing are at odds here.

Mom had one of those purses with glass gems and sequins glued to it. I can’t recall the designer that popularized that style, Sue do you recall?

Fine Sunday pics, Major. Thank you.


Stu29573 said...

I've always admired the way the missile silos are hidden in the turrets. Brilliant! (Also the real reason a certain Soviet leader was barred from Disney (Military Complex) Land!

Chuck said...

Note the two sailors at the bottom center of the second photo. Image resolution and the camera angle on the cap devices makes it hard to decipher, but I think they are members of either the Republic of Vietnam or Philippine Navy.

Totally agree with Ken on the first picture.

Thanks, Major!

"Lou and Sue" said...

JG, I bet you're referring to the Enid Collins purses - SEE HERE!

Kathy! said...

Miss Fancy Purse in the first photo — could she have a lenticular Disneyland button pinned near the top? Or is that just another round bit of embellishment. I also spy with my little eye a Mickey balloon and maybe two popsicle eaters to the right near the hanging flower basket.

In the second pic, I thought the man to the left by the castle brickwork was wearing a derby, but maybe it’s a trick of the light.

Fun people watching today, Major.

Anonymous said...

Sue, that was it. Mom had one very similar to this pattern,

but it wasn't that one since hers had more red gems, and had white leather appointments. I think it was a flower bouquet, like sometime from the Main Street Flower Mart, and very densely decorated.

Thank you for that link! There was thread on GDB several years back on these, when another random guest in a photo was carrying one.


Anonymous said...

So, my screen backdrop is now showing me the backside of the SBC (the carousel side), and there are no arrow slits on that facade. Very consistent, no arrows needed on the secure side of the drawbridge.

Another one of those details I never noticed.


"Lou and Sue" said...

JG, there's also 'Collins of Texas' (a spin-off of Enid Collins, I believe). I've attached a link of a purse called 'Flower Cart' - for sale on eBay - SEE HERE!

Now, I want an embellished straw handbag to use for summer!

I agree with people-watching, today!

Melissa said...

Two, count ‘em, two pairs of my favorite red Keds in the first picture! But Bench Lady’s turquoise slippers have them beat for snazziness. I think that lady must be related to Fun Mom; they have similar fashion sense.

JG said...

Sue, that really brings back memories, thank you!

I had no idea Mom was so stylish…