Sunday, May 10, 2020

Random Snoozers, May 1978

It's not easy being a big star. Tigger was riding a wave of popularity after appearing in "Winnie the Pooh And The Blustery Day" in 1968. Here is he, exiting "The Walt Disney Story Featuring Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln With A Special Introduction From Tom Bosley", and his fans are already on him like a tick on a hound dog. The girl with pigtails looks like she just said, "Tigger, you are so full of baloney!" (only she didn't say baloney). Be skeptical, little girl! The other girl is literally jumping up and down in sugar-fueled frenzy.

Depending on where you sit, it can be hard to take a good picture on the World Famous Jungle Cruise. Case and point: this example.


Nanook said...

Little girls critical of Tigger best be minding their 'P's' & 'Q's' - especially when wearing those gigantic bell bottoms-! In the second image, it turns out the camera is in the perfect place to catch random 'glints of light' from partially-bald heads.

Happy Mother's Day to all. Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

That first picture is cute!

And I always love when you post pictures of the Jungle Cruise, Major, as it brings out the best humorous lines from JC skippers and GDB readers - as you can see, above!

Thank you! And Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!



The young girl facing Tigger has her arms folded .........and so does the Opera House cast member in the doorway!! As any Disney person knows folding your arms is a BIGGER “Mickey No-No!” Than pointing is! What’s even worse that folded armed hostess is in the “welcome” position ( ticket taker ) . Her costume in the original Walt Disney Story female costume that was created for both parks in 1973 - ( loving known as the chair upholstery dress- it’s cream with green and gold floral print ) interesting these pictures are from 1978 the year the blue dress Opera House costume was designed for Disneyland to replace the 1973 version. The versions used today And and since at Disneyland are minor revisions of that 1978 blue costume .

stu29573 said...

Big Bell Bottoms Girl looks to be the perfect foil for "T-I-Double Guh-Rrrrrr!" I think that's a great pic! In the second pic, the lady on the left seems intent on filling in everyone on her day, while missing the whole ride. She was later pushed overboard...

stu29573 said...

Right! Lady on the right! Oops!

Andrew said...

First pic: "Walt and (???)" Roy, maybe?

Chuck said...

Happy Mothers' Day!

The awning on the Jungle Cruise launch looks a bit grungy. Time for a replacement...or just wait until 1995 when it will fit right in with the Indy overlay.

I think the kid in the extreme left of that photo is trying to use the Force on the elephant.

The girl at the left of the first photo looked familiar, and I just realized that today's post is part of the same series of pictures as this one,this post, this post, and this post, isn't it?

Andrew, Walt and...Tom Bosley, of course.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, it was 1978 after all… that might have been the year of “peak bell bottoms”! And yes, the light from that guy’s bald spot is dazzling.

Lou and Sue, I know you love that Jungle Cruise. Do you ever go to WDW? I don’t know if Florida is that much closer to you. And yes, Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

Mike Cozart, I didn’t know that crossed arms were a “no-no”, but I can see why. Definitely a sort of “wall” between the CM and the guests. I guess she failed at “Disney University”! I wonder if a supervisor came by and told her to unfold those arms? Thanks for the info about the costume, it’s cool that she is wearing the version that was there since The Walt Disney Story debuted.

stu29573, I actually do like that photo, the girl has a lot of personality, she’s clearly having fun with ol’ Tigger. I always liked his day-glo orange fur. And I’m glad to see that I am not the only person who says “right” when I mean “left” (and vice-versa)! I do that so often. I swear I know my right from my left!

Andrew, yes, there were portraits of both Walt and Roy right there in the entryway.

Chuck, the awning was covered in leech slime and mold! That jungle humidity was hard on anything man-made. I wonder what the Jedi kid was trying to do, exactly? Maybe I don’t want to know. And yes, that is the same pigtailed girl and her family… I am impressed that you went back and located all the older posts! You know how I like to draw out a batch of slides, I think “Fun Dad” and “Fun Mom’s” photos took two years to go through.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Major, yes (WDW is closer to me), and I've been on both the DL and WDW Jungle Cruises - and I love them both. My favorite part of the experience is listening to the skippers, as I find it fascinating how some of them can take an old "scene" and totally change the experience by what they say and do; it's their creativity I love the best! One of my favorites, that I read about, was a skipper who described each JC cruise scene as the boat came to it - BUT, he was always one scene behind, in his description. Major, that's why I KNOW you would be an excellent skipper; you (and the others on this blog) can take any picture and create humor 'out of nothing.'


"Lou and Sue" said...

I also meant to add that I was in Jungle-Cruise-heaven, last November, when I rode the WDW JC. I experienced three "firsts," on that ride: It was my first time to ride it at night, and my first time to experience "Jingle Cruise," and first time to see fireworks from the JC boat -- and all at the same time. Only a JC lover would understand.

Nanook said...

@ Sue-
You just have to learn to see things through your third, 'comedy' eye. Even in times of frustration or crisis, something funny can be extracted. That also includes tragedy... "Tragedy plus time equals comedy".

Melissa said...

I called that first picture postcardworthy. Postcardworthy, I say!

That portrait is clearly of Walt Anderson.

Major Pepperidge said...

Lou and Sue, I’ve always wondered how the Skippers manage to not get completely numb, so many boats have a bunch of stiffs on them. Nobody laughs! I always find myself laughing extra hard (or groaning) just so they can see that somebody is responding. I would be a TERRIBLE Skipper, though I appreciate your confidence! I don’t have the “performing gene” at all - I’m way too self-conscious. I’ve never known if the Skippers are allowed to improvise if they feel like it - maybe that would be too risky. You don’t want somebody saying something too naughty.

Lou and Sue, oh yeah, the Jungle Cruise at night is so different, I love how they have to point out the critters with a searchlight. And somehow you can imagine the jungle going on and on for miles. And I never heard of watching the fireworks from the Jungle Cruise, maybe that only works in Florida?

Nanook, I would just resort to my Andrew Dice Clay impersonation. Hickory dickory dock!

Melissa, Walt Anderson’s brother Hans Christian wrote many wonderful stories.

Anonymous said...

The last pic looks like all of my JC pics ever taken. I can just imagine how the little girl is laughing at the elephant, she is rapt with wonder.

Disney could scrape the slime and mold off of those canopies and bottle it for sale in the Indiana Jones souvenir section.