Friday, May 01, 2020

More Photo Phixes! June 1974

It's time for more "photo phixes"! Everyone's talking about it. A group of slides had  turned the usual shade of magenta, some worse than others. My Epson scanner did about 50% of the restoration in today's examples, at least getting the images in the neighborhood of being acceptable. Photoshop helped me get them the rest of the way.

SO... here's a nice shot of Main Street; I'm thinking our photographer was standing somewhere near the front of the Crystal Arcade? The image isn't horrible, but it does have a weird pinkish-grayish cast that is unpleasant.  

And here's the fixed version! Looking at it now, I think I maybe have gone a little overboard with the cyan levels, but somehow life will go on. With the long shadows pointing east, it's safe to say that this was in the morning - everyone is heading toward the castle. Don't you wish you were with them? Across the street is the Market House, and the Hallmark store with its golden crown above the entrance.

Again with the pinkish-gray? We've got a Skyway view of Fantasyland, with the Teacups (now surrounded by those decorative arches (they looked good at night, with their hundreds of popcorn lights), along with the Fantasyland Theatre and the Carrousel.

Flipping between the two versions (which I can do in Photoshop) is like flicking a light switch on and off. Things look somewhat busy, but hey, it's June, what do you expect? The Theatre is showing a "color festival" of classic shorts, possibly all starring Mickey and Minnie. As long as they have "The Brave Little Tailor" (one of the best Disney shorts ever), I'll be a happy camper.


Nanook said...

Well, we have two beauties now-! "...the Hallmark store with its golden crown above the entrance." Was the Hallmark Channel crammed somewhere in the back-? Probably not.

Thanks for all your work, Major.

Melissa said...

It's a wonderful world of color! Everything looks fresher and brighter, which draws my eye to that Seventiestastic sleeveless, green and white, diagonal checked, bell-bottomed pantsuit on the lady just to the left of the tree. I bet that thing was polyester doubleknit a quarter inch thick.

Andrew said...

Even in 1974, the majority of people were walking on the sidewalks. I think it's funny that this picture shows them mostly on the left side of the street. So much for that theory about the shop placement with the right having necessities and the left carrying souvenirs!

"Lou and Sue" said...

Look about 10 feet in front of that Seventiestastic sleeveless, green and white, diagonal checked, bell-bottomed pantsuit on the lady just to the left of the tree, and in the doorway . . . you'll see a young lady who I think just realized she stepped in something..

Andrew, I never thought about it but, you're right, the necessities were mainly on the right side! Hats for the day, coffee to get started, film to purchase, etc. Were the vitamins (Upjohn) on the left side, though? Maybe they weren't considered essential, back then?? (I know my mom made me take a daily vitamin in the 1960's.)

Thanks, Major, for these before and after shots!

stu29573 said...

From years of photo finishing, I can attest that when "color fatigue" sets in, you can start second guessing even your best work! That being said, I think you nailed these (too much cyan? I think not!) It's always refreshing to see a properly balanced picture! Good work!

DrGoat said...

Lou and Sue, Upjohn was on the left. We always stopped to get a free sample as often as we could. Still have one of the little vitamin mini-jars they came in. And that bell-bottom pantsuit is a doozy, isn't it.
And what could be more frivolous than the Penny Arcade, on the left. Who doesn't want to hang on for dear life to 2 'doorknobs', electricity coursing through your kid body as the knight crosses the bridge to kill the dragon. About halfway through you realize you can't let go 'cause your muscles are paralyzed by the current. It hurt, but let's do it again.
Nice catch Andrew.
I think the cyan levels look fine Major. Nice job.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, they actually filmed dozens of Hallmark Channel TV movies in the back room. All the actors had to stand no more than 2 feet apart in every seen. The one about two people falling in love in Hawaii was done entirely with green screen.

Melissa, I wonder how that pantsuit would be received if somebody wore it out in public today? Would people think it was incredibly cute and retro?

Andrew, I had never heard the theory about “necessities” being on one side of Main Street, while fun stuff would be on the other side. Seems like an odd thing to do, but hey, what do I know.

Lou and Sue, maybe that young lady stepped in gum. I’ll never forget kneeling to tie a loose shoelace, and managing to put my knee right on somebody’s spit-out gum. So gross! That was a great way to start the day. I’ll have to look at a chart (I think there’s one on Daveland) showing the layout of Main Street’s shops, then I can really see if that theory holds water.

stu29573, maybe you’re right, but I definitely find that after I’ve color-corrected a pile of images, I’ll go back to them and decide that there’s still an overall pink, blue, or yellow cast that still needs to be dealt with. Thanks for you nice words!

DrGoat, those Upjohn vitamin bottles are classic Disneyland souvenirs. They must have given out hundreds of thousands (millions?) of them during the 15 years that Upjohn was in that location. I didn’t like those electrocuting “doorknobs”, but I sure did like all of the other old-fashioned fun that could be had in the Penny Arcade. I still wonder why they did away with most (if not all) of those antique machines. Wear and tear? Not enough profit at a nickel per play?

Chuck said...

We always walked down the left side to look at the dioramas in the windows of the Emporium. First set I remember was for Island At the Top of the World.

JC Shannon said...

Major, your depinkification skills are still first rate. I really like the Main Street photo. All those people looking around and admiring Walt's handy work. Ah, those sweet memories. Thanks Major.

Anonymous said...

I like these pictures, the repaired color is excellent and the images are the best kind of "you-are-there".

Thanks for your persistence, Major. I want to ride that yellow horseless carriage.


"Lou and Sue" said...

Chuck, thank you for refreshing my memory, as I do recall that’s usually what we did, too - which may explain why I never ended up with embroidered ears from Mad Hatter, until a friend surprised me with them when I was about 40.

"Lou and Sue" said...

^ name-embroidered ears, that is.

"Lou and Sue" said...

^ name-embroidered Mickey Mouse ears!

K. Martinez said...

I like the pink versions. They're dreamy! ;-) Thanks, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, I walk down the middle of the street and stare at my feet. It’s so much fun!

Jonathan, someday I hope to make depinkification an Olympic event.

JG, it’s probably obvious that I get a kick out of taking photos that would otherwise be unusable, and bring them back to the point where they are actually enjoyable again.

Lou and Sue, I think I told you about a photo of me and my brother - I think I’m about three years old, and am wearing mouse ears. I can’t recall if they are embroidered with my name though. No idea where that photo is!

Lou and Sue, we all knew what you meant!

K. Martinez, hey, some people like anchovies too, what can you do!

"Lou and Sue" said...

LOVE anchovies and would LOVE to see that picture, Major! Please keep searching.

Nanook said...

@ Sue-
Anchovies are the little flavor secret that can really enhance a dish when properly used. I always have some in my refrigerator.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Nanook - you have great taste! I always ask for extra when ordering a Greek Salad or anchovy pizza. In what dishes/recipes do you like to use them?

DrGoat, I forgot about that electricity thing at the Penny Arcade, until you mentioned it. I don’t recall ever doing it, I was too chicken. That Penny Arcade was fun!