Saturday, May 23, 2020


Who likes looking at vintage pictures of complete strangers? ME TOO!

Photo #1 is an undated picture of a smiling lady standing on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. See the world famous Steel Pier in the distance? I wish I could see the General Motors Exhibit, or play some games of skill while eating a handful of fresh-roasted Planters Peanuts. In spite of the bright sun and blue sky, it's obviously a cold winter day.

The life of a musician is not always glamorous; even The Beatles spent years touring small ballrooms and theaters all over rural England before they hit it big. This quartet of young men might be performing in a church meeting room or a gymnasium. I'd sure love to know if any of these guys went on to fame and fortune! 

And finally, there's just something about this photo that I like. Maybe it's the old car to our right. Maybe it's the old house (with multiple chimneys?). Maybe it's the weeping willow, looking a little worse for wear. The little kid is held by his grandmother (I presume), while mom wonders what to make for dinner. Meatloaf, or tuna noodle casserole? You can't go wrong with either. 

I hope you have enjoyed today's vintage People Pix!


TokyoMagic! said...

Maybe those musicians went on to become "The Better Half" or "The Entertainment Committee."

"Lou and Sue" said...

2nd pic: I see Kilroy was there.

3rd pic: meatloaf or tuna casserole, AND a jello mold with cut-up veggies in it - or fruit in it.

Always love these vintage people pictures - thanks, Major!

Nanook said...

If that theatre marquee is indeed promoting Peyton Place, we're probably talking very early 1958; as it opened in NYC on December 13, 1957.

It's quite clear those young men went on to "fame and fortune" - why, just take a look at that mighty-fine paper fringe decoration - you just know they went places-!

That 'old car' is a 1949 Buick Roadmaster. [The four portholes let us know it's a 'Roadmaster'. (The 'Super' only had three)]. I like the overall 'tired' condition of the landscaping. Someone is clearly lacking a green thumb-!

Here's to greener thumbs. Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

TokyoMagic! And maybe they even went on to play at the Tropicana!? Babbalooooo

JC Shannon said...

Don't you wish you knew more about these people? By 1965 any red blooded teen had a guitar and was in a band. Most of the axes of the day were Japanese knock offs of more expensive guitars. They are collectors items now, and fetch big bucks. The guy mugging the camera looks to be playing an old Airline. And notice the Beatle Boots he is sporting. I agree with Nanook, water those bushes. Thanks Major.

stu29573 said...

"Don't wear the red vest this time, Frank! We've got to blend together!" Dang drummers! The guy on the left ia doing alright since he has two guitars (basses?) Plugged into his amp! For an extra fiver in the tip jar, he'll play both at once!

zach said...

Kilroy! Good eye, Sue.

We had a '52 Roadmaster so I knew it was a Buick.

That station wagon in the billboard looks like something the Addams family would drive.

Fun randomness today.


Chuck said...

That sure is a covey of chimneys. I'll guess fireplace, furnace, kitchen, and incinerator. Or maybe crematorium - that house's landscaping has an "Addams Family summer home" vibe about it.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, yeah, all they had to do is meet a blond girl (or two) and they were ready for fame and glory!

Lou and Sue, I’d like to think that Kilroy is with me, always. I have never had a savory jello mold (aspic?), it sounds gross to me for some reason.

Nanook, good grief, how did you decipher Peyton Place?! Strangely, it’s almost easier to read when viewed small than it is when enlarged, but I think you are right. I always like it when there is a movie marquee, they are helpful for dating a photo. That Buick Roadmaster is pretty sweet, I love it. Hey, it could be early winter in photo #3, and that deciduous tree hasn’t sprouted any leaves yet.

Lou and Sue, how could you?

Jonathan, I love the idea of cheap Japanese knock-off guitars now being considered rare collectibles! I don’t even play a guitar, but I can see the appeal of them as collectibles. I wonder what the most expensive vintage electric guitar is (not counting examples that belonged to famous musicians)? I did notice the Beatle boots, so 1965 (or 1966?) seems like a good guess as to the date for that one.

stu29573, yeah, what’s with the red vest? Maybe he parked cars at a nearby theater when he wasn’t drumming. I would show up with my own tambourine (in a custom-made case) and ask to join the band.

zach, I noticed that crazy car on the GM billboard, it reminds me of George Barris’ “Monkeemobile”. Glad you enjoyed these!

Chuck, yes, that house definitely has plenty of chimneys, they must have a large woodpile out back. My grandparents actually had a sort of incinerator out by their little horse barn (they had a large property in Encino, which was “the sticks” in those days), but by the 60s and 70s the smog was so bad in L.A. that it was illegal to use it. I always thought it was a fascinating thing though.

Chuck said...

Major, my grandmother had an incinerator in her basement; it used the same chimney as the gas furnace, gas water heater, and fireplace (it was an ultra-modern home when built in late 1939 - it even had a clothes chute and an attached, two-car garage). By the time my mother and I lived there the year my dad was in Vietnam (1969-70), the incinerator was long out of commission and I think illegal to use as well, even though it was in small-town, rural Ohio. My sister and her family live in that house now, and I'm pretty sure it's still down there in the basement, sort of like Mary Ann in Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.

Nanook said...

Strangely-enough, my visual 'super powers' come from a diet rich in Jello aspic concoctions: Aspic canapés; or carrot aspic; or the ever-popular 'ham and celery loaf' - all great for vision health.

Kathy! said...

I read that red sign to the right in the first pic as "Skull Land"; sounds like a nice place to shop while munching a macaroon. Maybe they have shrunken heads too, Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, the incinerator at my grandparent’s house was a standalone thing, a concrete obelisk about four feet tall with a metal door (sort of like a mailbox). All we ever did was light off firecrackers and throw them inside. It seemed fun for some reason, even though the incinerator actually muffled the sound! (We also loved to throw firecrackers inside the silo at my Great Aunt’s farm in Wisconsin). It’s nice that your sister and her family now live in the home that used to be where your grandmother (and you!) lived.

Nanook, my grandma used to take us to a fancy place to eat once a year, and they always had a buffet that included some weird molded fish thing with gelatin. I don’t recall that those ever had a slice (or scoop?) taken out of them, even by the old timers. Maybe they were too pretty? I thought they looked unpleasant. “Ham and celery loaf”, hmmmm.

Kathy!, I wish it WAS “Skull Land”! What in the world is “Clabby Block”, anyway? Shrunken heads are cool, even if they are made of rubber, you can’t have too many.

zach said...

Maybe for lunch I'll have ham and celery loaf, clabby block and macaroons! Good suggestions all.

Maybe Peyton Place is on Netflix.


Nanook said...


The whole idea of fruit [and other 'edibles'] suspended in gelatin, seems to go against the proper laws of nature. To quote: "I hate Jello. If God wanted peaches suspended in mid-air He would've filled them with helium-!"

You may already be familiar with The Gallery of Regrettable Food - mentioned in these pages previously, I believe - but you can check it out HERE. Bon appétit-!

Melissa said...

That first picture is absolute magic. Never mind the elegant gauzy babushka that’s the same shade of green as the “macaroons” sign, never mind the awesome composition, that lady’s personality just leaps through the screen! I want to go back in time just to hang out with her.

Melissa said...

I think that band’s name is Gloomy Gus and the Hangdogs.

Melissa said...

And lookee the tiny beaded moccasins on the little boy in #3! Maybe a gift from Stylish Grandma.

Anonymous said...

As a little tike of 3 or 4 with my parents on the boardwalk, I wandered off with Mr. Peanut and was lost for 30 minutes. Well, I didn't notice I was lost...but my parents did! KS