Monday, May 18, 2020

Pack Mules, 1950's

So far I have not reached my limit on photos of the Pack Mules - every picture is aces in my book. 

First up, a flock of mules (and their burdens) returns from the Rainbow Desert - this was before Nature's Wonderland was a thing. There was a lot less to see, pre-1960, but I still wish I'd had the opportunity to enjoy it with my own eyes. Above the tunnel (where the Mine Train went) is the head frame above the mine (gold, I presume), and the short run of track so that the miners could dump the tailings. 

One girl had to give her pal a few last pats before the end of the ride. Love the detail of the boy with the Peter Pan hat!

Perhaps it looked something like this.

The mules have made their hairpin turn so that they can unload one group of guests and take on a new batch. That girl is still patting her mule, she's going to miss him!


Nanook said...

Right after this shot was taken, that girl can be seen taking "her" mule 'out to lunch'. That's just how much she likes the darn thing. It's all about good manners.

Thanks, Major.

Melissa said...

I got a mule that I like to pat,
Fifteen miles in my Peter Pan hat.
She's a good old worker and a Democrat*,
Fifteen miles in my Peter Pan Hat.
And you'll always see your neighbor
(If you don't veer off the track)
If you've ever navigated with the Disney Mule Pack.

Hey, it's those similarly-dressed sisters who were squinting in the sun at the railroad station a few posts back!

*I know, I know, the Democratic mascot is a donkey, but what can I do? I'm a slave to the rhyme.

stu29573 said...

Actually, that girl is going over plans one last time to spring that whole school of mules! It took a few years, but it worked! They moved to a condo in Malibu and threw parties for all their animal friends! Good times!

Nice work, Melissa!

Andrew said...

They should have made the mules into the first ever "Omnimover" ride system. Guests would jump on and off, greatly increasing capacity. To raise those numbers even higher, they could even have a continuous line of mules along the entire trail, just like the Haunted Mansion Doombuggies. They would then be capable of 4,000 guests/hour and would still be around today. I'm sure that it would be completely safe, too. Man, I'm a genius... I really wonder know why Disney never asks my opinions on things like this...


DrGoat said...

It's always nice to be kind to your mule. You never know when he might return the favor.
I think we rode the pack mules once. My sister had a horse and I rode him occasionally, so the attraction wasn't there. Her horse and I had a love/hate relationship. In other words, I fell off him a few times, when he wanted me too.
Andrew, It's always the forward thinkers that called until they save the world, so keep at it.
Thanks Major, always nice to see pics of the mules and Rainbow Ridge.

Melissa said...

Andrew, the mules would have to eat so much hay to keep their strength up that they could call it... the Omnomnomnimover.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, she loves her mule so much, I wish they would let her keep him!

Melissa, oh man, that tune brings back memories. We sang the “Erie Canal” song in grade school, and I still remember the whole song word for word. And yes, those are the same blond girls!

Stu29573, no judge in the world would convict that girl for freeing all of her mule friends. I’m glad to hear that her scheme had a happy ending.

Andrew, you are thinking outside of the box! Your idea is big, I tell ya, BIG. You have revolutionized the mule-based amusement park industry. There’s no way you can’t make millions!

DrGoat, I hope those mules got plenty of hay and water breaks, and I hope that they didn’t feel abused. My mom had a horse when she was a girl, and I guess she assumed that if SHE loved horses, her kids would too. I don’t dislike them, but I never loved riding them the way she hoped. When I stayed at my Aunt’s Wisconsin farm for a few weeks, we were signed up for riding lessons. I did not enjoy them! Glad you liked today’s pix.

DrGoat said...

A correction for Andrew..."It's always the forward thinkers that are called crazy until they save the world, so keep at it."
Sorry, Monday morning at work and it's a bit crazy here too.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Nanook, after enjoying a big lunch with our sweet pictured gal, that same mule was seen on Main Street - refusing to budge until she bought him popcorn and a Mickey Mouse balloon. I heard that mules can be very stubborn, at times.

Am enjoying everyone's mule-humor, today. :)

Anonymous said...

Good stuff here today.

Thanks everyone.


Nanook said...

@ Melissa-
DeWitt Clinton, huh-? I was in a Cinerama mood yesterday, and looked at Cinerama Holiday, and had been thinking of looking at How the West Was Won. Now that you've mentioned the Erie Canal, it looks as though today's afternoon entertainment may just have to involve that title. (I wonder if that mule garnering all the attention is named 'Sal'-??)

Major Pepperidge said...

DrGoat, we knew what you meant!

Melissa, I have to admit that I laughed!

Lou and Sue, I am sure that even the most stubborn mule would be happy after a box of popcorn. Not so sure about the balloon though. That squeaky sound they make!

JG, thank YOU

Nanook, who is DeWitt Clinton? George Clinton’s stuffy cousin? I’m so confused.

MRaymond said...

The MTTNW was a favorite attraction and you could see the mules from the ride. I wanted to ride a mule but they scared the crap out of me. By the time I was able to get over my fears, they were gone. Cowardly little punk.

Nanook said...

Oh, Major-!

To quote Wikipedia... DeWitt Clinton was an American politician and naturalist who served as a United States Senator, Mayor of New York City and sixth Governor of New York. In this last capacity, he was largely responsible for the construction of the Erie Canal.

Chuck said...

While I am familiar with DeWitt Clinton, I usually think of trains rather than canals when I hear his name.

Major, DeWitt Clinton was actually George Clinton's nephew...although probably not the George Clinton you're thinking of.

Melissa said...

When it comes to Canal songs, I prefer "The E-RI-E," because it has more drinking and violence. But the only mention of mules wasn't particularly apt for this occasion. I grew up in Western New York, where every other town's name ends in "-port," so we took our Canal history pretty seriously in school. (That and the War of 1812.) Back when it was being dug, detractors referred to it as "Clinton's Ditch."