Thursday, December 12, 2019

Vintage Snapshots

I have a group of vintage Disneyland photo prints for you today!

Let's start with this shot of a lovely CM named Karin. Some of you might remember her from another post back in 2017. It sort of looks like Karin is speaking into an invisible walkie-talkie. I'm not sure where this ice cream cart was located, but if I had to guess I'd say that the Rivers of America were behind her. What do you think?

The next two are from separate lots, and both are undated, which is a bit frustrating. Some iteration of the Mouseketeers is performing; I believe that these were taken before the more famous 1977 "New Mouseketeers" came along - for one thing the '77 mice wore colorful ears and outfits. But I could be wrong! 

I have to hand it to those kids, they are performing their hearts out. If there were multiple shows every day, did Disney have to provide them with special schooling? Maybe the show was only done during the summer months.

While doing a little research, I learned that the Mouseketeers were part of Superbowl VI's halftime show in 1977; that seems like a bad idea to me, but perhaps it was great. I'd rather see Prince, or Gaga, or Paul McCartney, personally! 


Nanook said...


Geez - are the Mousekeeters wearing rompers or jumpers-? Either way, it's horrible. As with you, Major, I really have to hand it to them for performing in such questionable attire.

Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

I remember Karin! Hi Karin! I think you are right about the location, Major. Her outfit does look like it belongs in Frontierland. And that railing in the background appears to match up with the railing seenhere.

Those Mousketeers were before the official "New Mouseketeers." The performed on the Tomorrowland Stage in the summer of 1973. The entertainment guide from that summer, with a pic of the kids on the cover, can be seen here.

Andrew said...

I think Walt would've liked if all of the Outdoor Vending CMs had walkie-talkies that could override the park background music: "Step right up! Get your ice cream and popcorn here!"

Chuck said...

I was going to say that this wasn't the 1977 iteration of the TV Mouseketeers, that this had to be earlier than that because the Tomorrowland Stage was torn down in 1976, and point out that the Tomorrowland Stage's proscenium arch was in rainbow hues, which meant it was around 1972-74, but TM! has been able to provide a much more accurate dating from his personal collection. He's awesome like that.

I thought the African-American girl at the far right in both MMC shots looked an awful lot like Shawnte Northcutt, who was a member of the 1977 cast, and as it turns out, she was also a member of the 1973 on-stage-at-Disneyland cast, too.

DrGoat said...

Not to mention the slightly cheesy Mickey and Minnie graphics on the backdrop. Went to the Park fairly often during the 70s but I have no recollection of that version of the Mouseketeers. Must have been focused on something else. Girls maybe.
I think Karin is just demonstrating what to do with the ice cream once purchased.
Thanks Major.

stu29573 said...

Fun fact: Karen was a member of Star Fleet. Her communicator is cloaked, of course. This was the last picture taken of her on Earth, since she beamed up immediately after it was taken.

K. Martinez said...

The Mickey and Minnie graphics on the Tomorrowland Stage are definitely subpar. Not Disney's best.

I never understood the revival of the Mickey Mouse Club in 1977. I actually preferred "The Mouse Factory" back in that decade.

Thanks, Major.

Anonymous said...

Karin looks like Barbara Bach, a Bond Girl in Disneyland. Maybe she is signaling "Q" with a microphone in the popsicle.

Tokyo nails the location within a few feet, and produces the date of the show photos. A-Mazing.

I love how everyone sorts out the background. So much fun. Thanks everyone.

I studiously avoided all these shows back in the day. Still do, to a great extent.

I did find some of my family photos from our visits in the '90's when we watched the Pocahontas show. I didn't care much for the show, but it was a welcome opportunity to rest my tired Dad feet, so there's that.


Anonymous said...

From the grey name tag, this shot of Karin would have been taken before that posted in 2017. Pre-1974. Frontierland/Bear Country type outfit. KS

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I don’t know what a romper or a jumper is, so the mystery will have to be solved by somebody much more “clothing savvy”!

TokyoMagic!, I wish Karin would see her photos and comment! I kind of had the feeling that these Mouseketeers predated the ones with the multicolored mouse ears from the later version, thanks for the confirmation.

Andrew, oh man, just imagine the cacophony!

Chuck, aha, you have presented an iron-clad case. I like being able to narrow down the date, even if it’s within a few years. Kind of like we did with that Very Merry Christmas parade from last week. Gosh, based on the photo that you linked to, that one little girl really does look like Shawnte Northcutt! Very cool.

DrGoat, ha ha, it’s true, those graphics on the arch are pretty bad! You’d think that a company formed of wonderful artists could have done better.

stu29573, next time I am going to be sure to consult you about technical things like that cloaking device!

K. Martinez, I must admit that I have seen some subpar graphics at Disneyland a lot more recently - sometimes they create signs that are real head-scratchers. I vaguely remember The Mouse Factory, didn’t Ward Kimball have something to do with it? I seem to recall that it was pretty wacky.

JG, ha ha, I am the same way, if I saw that the Mouseketeers were performing on a little stage, you can guarantee that I would be somewhere else! But I guess some people just like a nice variety show with some singin’ and dancin’. Irene gave me some photos of the Pocahontas show that I published a while ago.

KS, pre-1974 sounds just about right, based on what I know about Mr. X and his time working at the park. Thanks!

Melissa said...

Man, the seventies. I lived through part of them and I still somehow don't believe they actually happened.

A romper is a one-piece shorts and top garment, kind of like a jumpsuit with the arms and legs cut short. A jumper is a sleeveless dress meant to be worn over a shirt. (In American English, anyway; in Britain a jumper is a pullover sweater and a romper is probably some kind of cake-based dessert.)

"Lou and Sue" said...

To all the young junior gorillas out there: As you can see by these pictures, there really was a time when people did not need to have laser lights, fireworks, firecrackers and smoke - in order to enjoy a show. Unbelievable, I know, but true.

Major, I think you hit on a new game . . . post a picture without the date (though you'll know the date) and see who gets the closest at guessing the right date. It is amazing how much your readers know and can pinpoint times and places!


Chuck said...

Ken, I loved The Mouse Factory. That was my first exposure to the classic Disney shorts. I was three and four when it aired, so my memories of the show format are pretty vague, but the shorts made a big enough impression that when I read Walt Disney: An American Original when I was ten or eleven, I could recall many of the cartoons described. It's hard to remember now that back then we didn't have videotapes or DVDs or YouTube or Disney+ to find and reference classic animation any time we wanted.

Major, yes, Ward Kimball produced the series, which explains its wackiness.

Nanook said...

So, I'm guessing the Mousekeeters are probably wearing blueberry-flavored rompers-! Tasty.

Melissa said...

One of our local stations used to rerun episodes of the original MMC in the afternoons. I loved all the serials - Annette and Spin & Marty were my favorites, but I also enjoyed the Hardy Boys.