Sunday, December 29, 2019


Both of today's photos are perfectly fine... they're just very common views of a much-photographed area of the park.

From 1961 comes this shot of the old Sub lagoon. The word of the day is "blue". I think this is the "Skate", rounding the bend, passing beneath the Monorail track, and heading toward the tunnel (with its waterfall curtain), where the submarines dove to crushing depths.

This next one is also from 1961, although it is from a different photographer and a different batch of images. It's awfully similar to the first one, even though the sub is a bit further along its journey. The surface of the water has a crinkled look, must have been breezy that day; the smattering of clouds is a nice touch.


Nanook said...

Common - I suppose - but just as lovely, nonetheless. Perhaps if we cool our heels along the railing in the second image, we'll eventually see some 'white caps'. Batten down the hatches.

Thanks, Major.

"Lou and Sue" said...

Blue is beautiful!

Hi, Nanook, btw!

TokyoMagic! said...

Is that Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields, descending on the Monorail Speedramp in the first pic?

Andrew said...

Seeing those lights hanging from the Monorail beam, I can just imagine the sub lagoon glowing in hues of green and red; are there any good pictures of it at night?

It's funny that "Hey, that looks like it would be a great picture!" got us thousands of pictures of the Rivers of America, Jungle Cruise, and Monorail to stare at on the Internet decades later.

stu29573 said...

The silver subs are the ones I remember. I think they look much more realistic than the yellow toys. I loved the subs at Disneyland and at WDW. Unfortunately, my daughter's first trip to WDW was when 20,000 Leagues had just gone down forever...

JC Shannon said...

Next to the Moonliner, this is the most photo-friendly attraction Disneyland. With the original Naval grey, of course. The yellow subs look like a bad dream you'd have after watching one too many Jacques Cousteau docu's. Thanks Major.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, white caps are OK, but I am worried about a good old fashioned Nor’easter.

Lou and Sue, … why are you saying hello to Nanook?!

TokyoMagic!, I do think I see a mop of curly blond hair.

Andrew, I have only seen a very few decent night photos of the Sub Lagoon, including one that is from a postcard. I’d link to a version on my blog, but %&@#&! Photobucket is down for something like the 12th day in a row.

stu29573, I agree, I’ve always preferred the original nuclear subs, but I’d rather have the yellow subs than NO subs. Sorry you and your daughter missed the 20K ride in Florida…

Jonathan, there are still rumors of the subs being removed, and even though I am not crazy about the Nemo subs, I would miss that beautiful lagoon so much. Even when the ride sat unused for years it was nice to look at.

Anonymous said...

The similarity here is uncanny. I wonder if there is a niche in the rock border that makes it a good spot to stand for a picture, or is there a Kodak PhotoSpot sign at this point.

I would hate to lose the lagoon. If they close the submarines, then a restaurant should take over the sub queue area so we can sit close to the water and enjoy the view.

Thank you, Major.