Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Cast Member, September 1974

A few weeks ago I acquired today's fun images of a Disneyland cast member, circa 1974. As we can see from her tag, her name was "Karin". After doing a bit of research and asking friends in the know, I think that Karin worked in Fantasyland for "Outdoor Foods" (ice cream/popcorn). You might recall the many photos of costumed employees that were posted here on GDB (graciously provided by Huck Caton); this is a nice addition to that record. Styles had certainly changed by this time... that multicolored bumblebee pattern is all kinds of 1974 awesome.

Here's Karin again; there's the Fantasyland Autopia in the background (that familiar fencing is barely visible). To her right (our left) is a Monorail pylon.

What are the odds that Karin, or somebody that knew her, could see these photos? It would be cool to hear from her!


TokyoMagic! said...

In the second pic, is that the Fantasyland Autopia queue in the background, with a concrete Monorail post to the left of Karin? I think I remember the female cast members wearing these at the Character Food Stands (Fan I and Fan II) as well.....but I could be wrong.

TokyoMagic! said...

I wonder if Disney ever bought their uniforms/costumes or at least the material to make the costumes, "off the rack" back then? The employees at Knott's Cable Car Kitchen in the seventies, wore a pinafore type costume with a very similar bee pattern.....if not the same pattern.

K. Martinez said...

TokyoMagic!, I'm pretty sure you're right on both accounts. That definitely looks like the Fantasyland Autopia queue and the monorail post is a match up for that. Also, Karin's outfit definitely echos those I remember seeing at the Character Foods Stands and I ate there quite a bit.

A most unusual set today! Thanks, Major.

Nancy said...

What a smile!! These are beautiful views. I love nighttime shots, but I do wish it had been daytime so we could see better! :-D

DrGoat said...

That would be neat if anyone that knew Karin would come through. I figure she might be around 60 now. Yeah K., that outfit does have the look of the ones I kind of remember from back then. I can't quite remember what kind of food I ate from the Food Stands. It wasn't Churros that's for sure.

K. Martinez said...


They served hamburgers, hot dogs and usual standard fare at the Character Food Stands. Instead of food items with names like the "Moon Burger", "Space Burger" or "Jupiter Dog" they gave the food items names of characters from the Disney animated features hence "Character" Foods. I remember eating at Characters Foods around the time this pic was taken (1974) and the names of their burgers and sandwiches were the "Robin Hood", the "Friar Tuck" and the "Maid Marion" after the Disney animated feature "Robin Hood" which was new at that time. The memory of the clever food names stuck with me along with the Tomorrowland Terrace food items.

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I can’t tell if you are kidding or not, since I wrote “…there’s the Fantasyland Autopia”, and “To her right (our left) is a Monorail pylon”. More proof that people don’t read what I write? ;-)

TokyoMagic! I’m pretty sure that the park was still making the costumes back in those days, but I’ll ask a friend who might know for sure. As for the fabric, it must have been something commercially available.

K. Martinez, see? Nobody reads what I write! I wish I remembered things from those days, specifically small details like costumes - but I don’t.

Nancy, I agree, a daytime shot would have been better in this case.

DrGoat, I have no idea how many former cast members look at this blog… one or two of them leave comments. And yes, I’m sure 1974 was “pre-churro”.

K. Martinez, it’s so funny, my older brother is absolutely positive that Tomorrowland served “Pluto burgers”, but I have never found a single shred of evidence to support his claim. I think his brain just invented it because it sounded Tomorrowland-ish.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, of course I was kidding! Okay, okay, I admit it. I somehow missed those two sentences in between the two pics. I think I was so excited to look at the second pic (seriously!) that I missed those two details. Sorry about that! That is the very first time I've done that, but I know it happens here from time to time!

K. Martinez said...

You got me, Major and I'm sure it's not the first time I've done it. Sorry!

Pluto Burgers? Are you sure your brother didn't mean Bluto Burgers? Speaking of "Pluto" burgers they should've named both observation cars on the Tomorrowland and Fantasyland Viewliner trains "Pluto". It would've worked for both "lands".

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I guess I will somehow be able to find it in my heart to forgive you, although a large bribe wouldn’t hurt (hint hint).

K. Martinez, now that you mention it, didn’t they use the name “Pluto” for both the Fantasyland and Tomorrowland Viewliners? I think something was written about that in the book “Disneyland: The Nickel Tour”, but I don’t have my copy handy.

Chuck said...

Wait - the Major writes commentary to accompany his pictures?

I don't have my copy handy, either, but I remember something in Walt Disney's Railroad Story about "Pluto" being suggested by "a Studio wag" as a name for spare car that could be used on either train. It was never actually built.

Major Pepperidge said...

Chuck, you might be right - perhaps that wag was named... KEN MARTINEZ?!?!?!?!