Sunday, December 08, 2019

The Rainbow Dessert

Welcome to the Rainbow Dessert. (Yes, I know that you spell "Desert" with one "S", I just wanted to drive some people crazy!)

That's definitely a desert, but it doesn't make me think of a rainbow very much. Maybe rainbows are mostly reddish when they aren't ripe? Think of all the critters out there who want to bite you and sting you. Sneks. Tamantulas. Scorpilons. Gila Buddies. Most of them will calmly wait atop a rock butte, and then leap 20 to 30 feet so that they can attach their fangs (or stingers) to your neck. Then they slowly wrap you up in their silky webs and lay their eggs in you so that their larvae can eat you from the inside. 

It's a little blurry, but you can sort of see the cacti that happen to look a bit like the Seven Dwarfs. Hi ho!

Saguaros are some of the happiest cacti in the world - it's obvious from their upraised arms, indicating surprise, joy, and welcome. Aw, I'm happy to see you too, saguaros! How about a hug?


TokyoMagic! said...

And here I was expecting to see pictures of some rainbow sherbet. Or is that sherbert? Schubert?

"Lou and Sue" said...

TokyoMagic! sorbet.

Of all the rainbow desserts, prickly pear pie is my favorite!

And, speaking of "tamantulas," years ago my silly girlfriend let her boys get a tarantula for a pet - to love and take care of. The boys may have loved it but they sure didn't take good care of it - and it escaped and no one could find it anywhere. My girlfriend then had to contact her doctor to get very strong pills in order to get to sleep at night. I would've moved out of the house.

Thanks for today's very warm, sunny pictures, Major!


P.S. The tarantula was eventually found by the clothes dryer (it apparently loved the heat from the dryer).

Nanook said...


I've always been secretly fond of restaurants that misspelled dessert, using only one 'S'. I've seen it many times. From now on when I see that particular spelling error, I will always think of a certain, very-fondly remembered and missed DL attraction featuring a desert: the Dairy Bar...

Thanks, Major.

Andrew said...

Dessert is fatter than desert with its extra "s," and desserts make you fat. It's as simple as that, so now you can never forget again.

Dean Finder said...

"Most of them will calmly wait atop a rock butte, and then leap 20 to 30 feet so that they can attach their fangs (or stingers) to your neck. Then they slowly wrap you up in their silky webs and lay their eggs in you so that their larvae can eat you from the inside. "
I think that's Australia, where everything is trying to eat you.

JC Shannon said...

Can't ever get enough of all things Rainbow. Ridges, sherbet, covenants you name it. Only now I want something sweet. Thanks major for the awesome scans.

Melissa said...

Come for pix, stay for commentary.

"Rainbow Dessert" makes me think of the Tie-Dye Cheesecake at WDW's Pop Century Resort.

stu29573 said...

Strangely enough, the part that sticks out in my mind the most is the water features- mudpotsand old unfaithful. That and the chocolate sauce on the natural bridge...

zach said...

Puleeze, I'm trying to eat breakfast here! I would have lost my appetite with all that larvae talk but for the overwhelming desire for something sweet. Ummm, donuts.

True Life Adventures was my favorite early Disneyland TV show segment. That and Tomorrow Land. And the cartoons, so yeah. I just may poke around google for painted deserts and rainbow ridges.

I cleaned my glasses twice until you told me it is blurry.

Thanks for the scans!


"Lou and Sue" said...

Andrew, I like your way of remembering how to spell dessert and desert better than the way I was taught . . . that everyone wants two desserts..

Anonymous said...

Whatever you want to call it, I miss sitting on the tender and controlling the train filled with guests behind me down those tracks.


Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, the lesson is that GDB always disappoints!

Lou and Sue, have you ever had prickly pear? Tastes good, but too many seeds, and they are like little rocks. Aw, poor tarantula, they don’t want to hurt anybody. They are actually very fragile, I’d be more worried about hurting him than him hurting me. I’m glad he was found safe and sound.

Nanook, wowee, how in the world do you remember that Disneyland’s Dairy Bar (a place that most people don’t even know about) misspelled the word “dessert”??

Andrew, did you know that if you spell dessert with 3 s’s it will summon the Candyman?

Dean Finder, now that you mention it, it DOES sound like Australia!

Jonathan, I recommend donuts for every meal. They are full of vitamin G (as in grease).

Melissa, I’ll have to look up tie-dye cheesecake - I think I can imagine it though. Maybe Kim Irvine designed it.

stu29573, I think it makes sense that you would remember Old Unfaithful and the bubbling mud pots - the tumbling rocks made an impression on me. I thought I was pretty clever being able to see the mechanism that made them tumble.

dzacher, oh funny, I honestly didn’t see your donut comment until just now. It is a coincidence that I recommended them to Jonathan. I miss watching True Life Adventures on rainy days at school. One teacher would run the movie backwards just to make us laugh.

Lou and Sue, I admit that I had never heard Andrew’s trick before!

KS, you are very lucky to have those memories! Was the job of NWRR engineer a highly-desired position?

Nanook said...


I love to reference the Dairy Bar - perhaps more obscure than the Bathroom of Tomorrow or the Dutch Boy [paints] exhibit-! Sorry, I cannot take any credit for remembering their menu board, but it's doubtful the offerings ventured much further afield than milk, milk and more milk. But... I can verify this slogan - prominently displayed: Today’s food builds tomorrow’s man. It was my attempt at "humor" - which, as you know, is always a dicey proposition.

K. Martinez said...

Skittles! All the colors of the rainbow. Next time Ol' Unfaithful blows, I want to see Skittles flying out of its spout instead of water/steam.

The "Rainbow Caverns Mine Train" presented by Skittles. A rainbow of colors.

Anonymous said...

Hi Major..

The MT was a low capacity and quiet ride to work. Those of us lucky enough to be selected to be trained on it considered it a 'skate' attraction. Getting a full summer assignment was a high seniority spot for the most part. Most of us were lucky just to get a few weekends during the year. I'm sure there was some scheduling favoritism involved. It was a welcome rotation from the heavy capacity rides. In the end...few were needed to be trained on it to cover the position, so I consider myself privileged to have been included. And I am part of the ORH with other MT operations (which is rarefied company these days) for which I am honored to be included. KS

Anonymous said...

Any view of the desert, even a blurry one, is like a dessert to me. I'll take two.

I love the real desert, saguari are the oddest things ever. Joshua trees are not far behind.

Disney's fake desert was a great substitute, I would love to have a backyard like this.

Thanks Major.


"Lou and Sue" said...

KS, thank you for sharing - I love hearing about your Disneyland experiences!! What does ORH mean?

Anonymous said...

Sorry..Order of the Red Handkerchief. KS

nick said...

My WayBack machine would always be set for the Mine Train and painted desert. Oh to ride through the stunning rainbow caverns just one more time!