Friday, November 08, 2019

Two From 1959

I had to put together another "last second" post, after discovering that I had somehow skipped a few days in my "drafts" folder. So today's post is sort of random, and yet not random, since these are both from 1959.

OR ARE THEY? This first one is date-stamped "January, 1959", and yet there is no evidence of construction for the massive additions of the Matterhorn, the Submarine Voyage, and the Monorail. So it's safe to say that this was actually taken sometime in 1958, and the film roll sat in a drawer (or the camera) for a few months before it was taken to Henry's Camera and Photo Finishing over on Third and Primrose.

Regardless of the date, this is a beautiful photo of the Clock of the World on a clear, sunny day. 

Well, shoot - Circarama is closed. Our boys in uniform are undaunted, though!

This one is from a different lot, but it also claims to be from January, 1959. Who knows! It's a swell photo of the motorized Firetruck. I can't tell if those are three young girls, or if one of them (red top) is the mother. Maybe they're wondering if their stroller will be there when they get back.


Nanook said...

I do loves me a beautiful shot of the Clock of the World - and this is definitely one of 'em. The shot of Town Square, although not earth-shattering, is still lovely.

Thanks, Major.

Andrew said...

Both of these feel like really candid shots that captured a moment in time. I especially love the simplicity of the Circarama sign.

Chuck said...

Happy Friday, everybody! What a great start to the weekend!

There are actually four Naval officers in that first photo - the two you pointed out in front of Circarrama and another two coming towards us between the Moonliner and the right edge of the North Show Building.

I'm going to guess that that photo was actually taken in October of 1958 based on the mix of short and long-sleeved shirts and the fact that the sailors are wearing service dress blue rather than service dress khaki (the changeover from summer to winter uniforms is usually 1 Oct).

I think based on the footwear and socks that all three of the foreground females in the second shot are sisters; mom is probably wearing hose (just like the fire truck). Note the cameo appearances of the Main Street Magic Shop and the Tobacco Shop. I wonder if they got paid scale?

Chuck said...

Whoops - "circarama." You don't roll the "r" (although now I'm imagining Charo saying it that way...and I kind of like it).

DrGoat said...

Back in those days, Main Street was just the portal to the rest of Disneyland. With a stop at the Penny Arcade and the Magic Shop of course. As I've grown older, the Wilhoughby Effect has taken hold and Main Street has become my favorite place. Well, the old one for sure. Thanks for the lovely shot of the Square. Great pic of Tomorrowland too. Nice people shot.
Have fun whatever you're doing this weekend.

Anonymous said...

What "Clock of the World?" All I see is that beautiful Moonliner!

Major Pepperidge said...

A note to the GDB early birds - I was initially supposed to be heading out of town this weekend (and mentioned this in today’s post), but circumstances (a family crisis) have changed and I will not be traveling.

Nanook, for some reason I really find that Town Square photo to be especially great, such a wonderful 50’s feeling.

Andrew, I’ve always liked that sign too, and was probably too clueless to realize the significance of the red letters “CAR” for many years.

Chuck, I did see those other two fellas to the right, but don’t like them because they refused to buy any of my chocolate bars, even though it says right on the label that it is the WORLD’S FINEST CHOCOLATE. Amazing that you can narrow down the date of a photo based on what uniforms are being worn. I’m not sure how much of that Tomorrowland construction would be visible from the vantage point of photo #1, maybe it would have all been hidden by the buildings. And looking more closely, I agree, those are definitely three young girls. No mother in sight!

Chuck II, I can never forgive you, but Charro probably will.

DrGoat, I’m with you, as a callow youth Main Street was just a place to walk through to get to “the good stuff” (although I did like to visit Mr. Lincoln), and as the years have passed I’ve gained a huge appreciation for that beautiful place. Wish I was still doing something fun this weekend!

Stu29573, you need to skew your eyeballs just a few degrees to the left. You’ll see the clock! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Great shots today, Major.

The post doesn't seem hurried at all. The World Clock still looks like a cocktail shaker to me. I don't know if I ever rode the Fire Truck or not, it might have been the Horseless Carriage. I sure like the sign for the truck stop.

I would like to like Main Street more, but there are few places now to sit and watch the crowd, and there is always a huge crowd because of the stupid parades that constantly disrupt everything. Also, most of my favorite shops have been converted to keyring-coffee-cup-t-shirt-plush-toy dispensaries.

Major, I hope all is well with you and all the Junior Gorillas this weekend.


Anonymous said...

@Chuck, I'm pretty sure that Charo could say almost anything and it would be fine.


Andrew said...

Chuck, don't worry, I made the same mistake with the bold letters when I first typed it as well!

JC Shannon said...

I would give a rooster to walk around Tomorrowland of that era for just one hour. I would put on my vintage clothing and blend in with the locals. That Moonliner is a thing of beauty. Thanks Major.